anybody see that?

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Ever have those mornings where you just want to go back to bed, set the alarm again and start all over and see if you can get it right the second time? That’s been me today – it’s just been a busy crazy morning. I woke at about 4 am to our 1st big messy yucky diaper in the night. He was doing so good taking care of that business during the day and I just had to worry about wet diapers at night. And let me tell you… it was bad! His bed, blankets, clothes, all up his back, down his legs, clothes, you name it… it was covered. So after cleaning all that up and waking him up real good, not by choice. We settled back into bed with a sponge bathed baby, new diaper, new clothes and new blankies for some good nursing time. Since I was too lazy tired to fix his bed again, I chose to let him snuggle with me (no complaints here). This led to a very restless rest of the night morning, I kept moving a little bit which meant he’d roll because obviously I weigh more and that’ll happen. So then he’d wake up all pissy and get comfortable again and I’d try to get comfortable again without moving (yeah freakin right). By 6:15 I said forget it and got up to shower before starting what I knew was going to be a busy day.

6:45 am Got my son up to shower, he went to get dressed and realized he needed some ironing done on his shirt – fabulous. I don’t know how to iron! Ok…. so maybe I kinda do, but I hate ironing. I shop for clothes that won’t need ironing. But he loves collared shirts, which means I better learn to love ironing. My iron and I will soon have a very close bond. He ate some breakfast, hopped on his bike, rode to Gramma’s, started the water on her lawn, rode home, finished breakfast, grabbed his stuff and out the door we went for school.

Then baby and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed and a few things Gramma and Papa needed. All was well through the store. Got to the parking lot, stopped the cart next to my car, picked baby out to put his car-seat in the car, looked over my shoulder to see my cart rolling away! SHIT! Couldn’t do anything about it, I had baby. So I finished getting him into the car and then retrieved my cart. I’m sure people got a good chuckle out of that.

On to the post office. Who the hell knew that you couldn’t turn boxes inside out! Honestly. It’s a freakin box people!! I had taken a priority box and turned it inside out, I had one little piece of the priority tape sticking out that I didn’t see and they freaked. So because of that one freakin piece of tape I had to send that damn box priority.

And by then… baby was starting to cry, he was hungry so we hurried home dropped off our groceries and then hurried back to Gramma’s, put her groceries away and took a break for baby to eat. We are now home and baby is starting to fall asleep, which means I can finish laundry and the other bazillion things I have to do.

The rest of the day looks like this…

Back to Gramma’s to help with whatever she needs help with
Pickup a friends little boy because she has to take another kid to the doctor
Take baby to doctor 2 Month Checkup today! (along with friends little boy)
Does this make sense to anybody else? I’m taking my baby and her youngest to the doctor with me for baby’s appointment. She’s taking her boy to the doctor also at about the same time. So why am I taking her kid when we’re going to the same
place? I have no idea.
Pickup my oldest from school along with my friends oldest boy. Then she’ll pick up her two kids from me sometime after that.

Sorry, that was kinda a long post – got on a roll I guess. I’ll update later or post tomorrow about baby’s 2 month check up! 🙂


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4 Responses to “anybody see that?”

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I cannot believe he’s two months old already!!! Holy cripes!

Just reading about your day wore me out!

Wow… two months! That’s amazing. I can’t believe that we’ve made it to 6 weeks. Go us!

Ew – sorry about the poo every where. I haven’t had an incredibly messy diaper yet. Thank goodness!

Busy, busy, busy. You must be exhausted.

PLease update about check up!! Aubree weighed 11 pounds 14 ounces on hers, and is 24 inches long now. I’m dying to see how he is doing!! How do you put him down at night? Nurse him, then put him in his crib and he drifts off?? Does he cry?? What is his routine like?? How much is he up?>? Sorry so many questions, Im just really curious. Aubree sleeps with us and I’m wondering when I need to transition her. SHe has slept in her bassinet and was fine but nursing is easier to jsut roll over, course Im lazy like that! She goes down around 9-10, then is up around 2am, again at 5ish, then gets up around 630-730, naps from like 9ish to 11ish, blah blah. Wondering if it’s sleeping with me that makes her still get up at 2am??? She never cries or fusses, just waits for the boob to hit her mouth 🙂

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