2 Month Check-Up

Posted on 5 September 2007. Filed under: baby, doctors appt, Everyday Life, kids |

Here’s the update I promised 🙂

Boy is this kid ever growing! He’s 12 1/2 pounds (68 %tile) and 25″ long (97 %tile). No wonder my back is killing me!

New subject real quick… Just called the Health Department and today is the last day for me to get baby there for his shots! UGGGGG!!! Better go pack my Puffs 😦 They will be gone for training all next week, I don’t want to wait until the following week.

The nurse had her panties all in a wad because I put my baby to sleep on his tummy. That’s how he sleeps, if you lay him on his back to sleep, it lasts all of about 5 minutes and then he’s awake and crabby. I can’t help that’s how he likes to sleep. He might be a baby but he knows what he likes and wants 🙂 Then she was all in shock that I don’t wake him in the night to eat! Are you kidding me!!! If he’s hungry, he’ll let me know. I told her there are some nights that he sleeps all night, and most others he’s going 4-6 hour stretches and she said “Well, you ARE waking him every 1-1/2 – 2 hours to eat aren’t you?” Ummmmmm…. No, do I have crazy stamped on my forehead!?

Baby seems to be into a bit of a schedule (usually). He usually is out for the night between 9 and 10 (last night was 8 but it was a ROUGH day yesterday for him – everything was all out of whack). He may wake at 2 or he’ll sleep til 4, those are the somewhat normal times. Then he’ll be up around 7 usually, just in time to wake up, get a new diaper, eat a little bit, and take brother to school. Then back home to cuddle, play, eat some more. A nap may come around 9 or 11. As for sleeping the rest of the day, if he does, it’s only for a very short while here and there. The afternoons is when he wants to eat like every 15 minutes and just never quite knows what he wants to be comfortable and happy. Evenings have been very rough, he’s been very fussy. Last night he screamed for 2 hours off and on – I tried everything. He finally, I think, just wore himself out. Between 8 and 9 every night is when he wants to lay in bed with me and nurse. He’ll fall asleep nursing and then I’ll move him to his playpen bassinet thingy next to my bed. He doesn’t sleep in my bed anymore because he spins too much (he got stuck again last night – it was cute – but he was pissed) and neither of us sleep good because if I move then I push the bed down and he rolls towards me and gets pissy until he gets comfy again. I think he sleeps better in his own bed, nobody to bother him.

And… I hear him in there stirring already from his “nap”. Yeah, that was about a half hour nap – typical for my kid. No more good long naps lately 😦


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6 Responses to “2 Month Check-Up”

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When I had my first one I thought I had to wake him to eat. I talked to the nurse/lactation consultant and she asked me if I was INSANE! “LET HIM SLEEP, GET SOME SLEEP!” So I have no idea why the nurse would tell you to do that.

I can’t say that I would be comfortable with my baby on it’s stomach. But my mom thinks we’re crazy because she had it pounded into her head that we had to be on our stomachs to sleep, so she thinks this “back to sleep” thing is amusing. True, it seems to be helping prevent SIDS, but I survived sleeping on my tummy.

Back to waking to eat… it doesn’t sound like he’s starving! I just love big chubby babies 😀

i don’t wake my baby to eat. i don’t think i ever did. i do however put her on her back.. just until she is old enough to really lift her head.. because i’m afraid she will suffocate.. ONLY because my mother had a child that died from sids. so i’m just you know.. all protective in that area but pretty soon she will be okay to sleep on her tummy.. but my child actually likes to sleep on her back. and in our bed. LOL.

btw, congrats on your baby’s growth!! 🙂

That nurse is on crack. The baby will wake when it wants. Psycho.

The nurse at the breastfeeding clinic that I went to was very concerned that Kitten wasn’t eating very much during the night. Apparently they’re supposed to eat every three hours, but she’ll go a good six at night. In the end, the nurse conceded that she’s gaining her prescribed ounce a day and that I don’t need to worry about it.

You should have told the nurse that she’s more than welcome to come to your house to wake and feed the baby every two hours. Besides, isn’t that only when they’re new born’s and they aren’t getting any milk yet?

I love Kait’s comment! LOL!!! I’m on the bandwagon of “let baby sleep” – I know that mine is very aware of when he wants to eat and when he’s willing to go without. I like it that way. Having said that, he fed every 1.5-2 hours until he was over 6 months old, so I only dreamed of the opportunity you have now!

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