nursing troubles

Posted on 10 September 2007. Filed under: baby, breastfeeding, teething |

ACK! I don’t know what’s wrong! Baby refuses to nurse during the day. It started right after those damn shots 😦 He hasn’t nursed during the day since. He’ll nurse at night in bed and if he wakes in the night and sometimes first thing in the morning. During the day he’ll just scream at me and throw his head back wanting nothing to do with me. I didn’t realize how attached to nursing I was – it’s breaking my heart. I’ve been pumping and feeding him that milk during the day and he’s been eating so much that I’ve had to use some pumped from earlier days. I’ve tried holding him different ways, eating in different rooms, laying in bed like he likes to do and nothing is working. He hasn’t slept good during the day either. No more naps for this baby, he takes about 3 10 minutes cat naps during the day and isn’t going to bed until close to midnight! I miss his nice schedule he had going. He drools SO much all of the sudden – it just pours out of him and anything that gets close to his mouth is going to be chewed to nothing. All kinds of things make me think he’s teething, which is very possible at 2 months. I keep feeling around for teeth in there – I guess I’ll know for sure when I get bit! He’s been doing so good nursing that I can’t figure this all out and I’m worried now that he’s getting attached to a bottle during the day. Any advice ladies?


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7 Responses to “nursing troubles”

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I’m sorry you’re going through that. I would have no idea what would cause him to do that, at least he’s nursing at night still. It’s odd that he knows the difference so much that he wont’ do it at all during the day, maybe try a really dark room?!?! I’ve noticed when Aubree takes a bottle she eats more too. And, the teething thing–I’ve thought she was for a couple weeks now, I’ve never seen so much drool!! I have to put a bib on her!!! I was wanting to wait alot longer on that! Maybe his gums are sore and the bottle feels better during the day??? Stupid shots!!

All babies start drooling regardless of teething…they just drool and they’ll continue to drool for a long time. Silas started soaking himself at about three months but never received a tooth until 7 months later.

I’d take your little dumpling to the doc to rule out an ear infection.

PS have you tried giving him tylenol or motrin to see if he’s in pain? If he’s better once you’ve given it to him then you know there’s something painful going on.

From my understanding, babies can be “teething” without any teeth coming in for a long time.

Good luck, hun. I know you need it! 😦 I hope it gets sorted out.

Did your pediatrician recommend a dosage of tylenol for the shots? It would also help with teething. I think the drooling starts way before the teeth actually break through the skin.

As far as the feedings, I agree with Beverly about trying to create the same environment as he gets at night. That is what he seems comfortable with. Actually, I did a lot to encourage my daughter not to eat at night. I would give her a pacifer before trying milk. I wanted her to sleep through the night as soon as possible as well as be more of a day person.

Tough times… good luck!

Nicholas started teething at 3 months but we didn’t see one pop through until 8 months … so yes, they can spend a lot of time moving up and down under the surface and bugging the kids to no end! We had tons of success with a homeopathic remedy, Camilia by Boiron, available at London Drugs or Pharmasave. As he came to realize how much it would help, he even stopped crying as soon as we pulled it out of the drawer!

Hope this nursing strike is short-lived for you both! Have you contacted the local La Leche League? They were a really great support to me when I had questions about nursing.

same here, teething started at 3 months but no tooth til 7 months. The nursing thing is hard, but what the LC told me when Sophie was doing that is not to give the bottle. Pumping decreases your milk supply and nursing increases it. A baby will not starve themselves. Sophie went on a huge nursing strike but got hungry enough to nurse and in a few days we were ok. I hope he feels better. You can email me if you have anymore questions, as I have gone through this

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