sleeping troubles

Posted on 14 September 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, breastfeeding, Everyday Life, school, shots, sleep |

Sorry for lack of posting. Right now at this very minute is the FIRST time baby has slept longer than 5 minutes in the day for a LONG time. I’m seriously losing my mind because I just don’t know what to do. Yesterday he was asleep on my shoulder after eating and burping – I’m talking so hard asleep that he was completely limp and if you moved him he didn’t bat an eyelash – laid him down and 4 MINUTES later he was WIDE awake screaming. That’s how it’s been. He’s so crabby because he’s exhausted. He was taking a good 2-3 hour nap in the mornings and then a shorter nap in the afternoons for quite some time and now he doesn’t sleep at all during the day. He’s doing pretty good at sleeping for 6-7 hours at night, but that’s ALL he gets! How can he function! Geesh baby. If I hold him completely still after eating he may sleep for 10 minutes in my arms and then wide awake screaming again.

I’ve started making him go to sleep on his own at night, which for the past few nights has gone great – takes a while – but it’s working for him. We lay in bed together and he nurses and then I burp him and lay him in the bassinet/playpen thingy by my bed and just lay in bed watching him. He twists and turns and looks around and flips his head from one side to the other and sucks on his fists a bit and eventually just drifts off. It’s been nice because it had turned into me nursing him, burping him and trying to get him to sleep and when that didn’t work I brought him back into bed and became the human pacifier just so he’d go to sleep. GAH that’s frustrating. Yesterday he actually talked himself to sleep one time – of course it was another 4 minute nap but I was glad to see he is capable of keeping himself calm and falling asleep on his own.

Guess What! He’s back to nursing! And he’s doing wonderfully again!! I don’t know what the deal was – other than those damn shots – I blame them completely. They just maybe made him feel kinda yucky and he wasn’t quite himself. He sure sucked down the bottles during the time. I’m talking 4 oz every time he ate – and trust me it was often! I couldn’t believe how much he ate, I was digging in the freezer for stored milk to keep up with him – I couldn’t keep up with pumping.

I pic of my oldest today 🙂 It’s picture day today at school.

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It was 23 degrees this morning!! BRRRRRRR


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5 Responses to “sleeping troubles”

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I’m glad to hear that your baby is nursing again! I’m sure that you’re relieved as well.

I can’t believe that he sleeps so little! Kitten usually gets a few hours in during the day, even if it’s just in half hour segments… not the best, but better than just the few hours at night your little guy seems to be getting. Poor little booger!

As soon as I’m done my birth announcements (yes, I do fully suck), watch your mailbox, I’ve got something for you!

I miss you lady. I hope that we can connect again soon! It’s so hard to chat online with a baby in hand. 😦

This might sound weird but starting a night time routine earlier might get him to sleep longer. It’s what I’ve been reading anyway. My heart goes out to you though. They go through so many phases and it can be so frustrating. Soon he’ll be sleeping through the night and you can rest easy!!

I’m glad he’s nursing again, that’s great!

Oh your big little man is adoreable. Love that sweet little smile. Babies that don’t sleep — that’s so difficult! My heart is with you.

What 2 adorable boys you have!!! Aubree went through that no napping thing for about a week or so then back to her 2 two hour naps a day. Hopefully your little guy will too!! Poor you with no nap break at all!

Hanging my head in shame because it’s been sooooo long since I’ve visited you. Your boys are absolutely adorable!!!

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