mommy had a first!

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I sure did…. I had my first experience with breastfeeding in public. (10-13-07) I conveniently found a corner upon entering the restaurant. We had taken a small trip out of town for a few things and forgot the bottle. We picked a bottle up to try but baby hated it and I don’t blame him. It was a different nipple and smelled terribly of rubber. We had stopped at the hunting store so Daddy could go in and shop while Mommy fed baby. But he decided it was more fun to play being out of his car-seat and didn’t eat, which meant he wanted to eat when we got to the restaurant. It wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be….. until a bus of kids came piling in! Then I was like OK…… this is so not fun. It wouldn’t be bad but my little guy HATES to be covered while he eats, so he cried under there and kept pulling off and kept pulling the blanket off. So not my idea of a good time 🙂 But we made it through and made it home by entertaining the little guy with teething cookies – wow did he love those! I’m sure there’s a tooth in the playing peek-a-boo. He shows so many signs of it – it could just be coming down and going back up. Who knows.

We’ve found a new toy the baby loves. His big brothers old walker. He’s a pretty big guy now pushing himself around the kitchen. I don’t know who had more fun tonight with it, him or his big brother. His big brother laughed so hard watching him push himself around and playing with toys.

Another new experience we had the other day was sitting in our high chair trying out some cereal. (10-11-07) Mmm mmm good He wasn’t too excited about that, but he sure thought his new chair was pretty cool. He loved it if I put it on my finger and gave it to him, but he didn’t much care for a spoon. I was so excited about our high chair. It’s the Fischer-Price Space Saver High Chair. We don’t have room in our kitchen for a regular high chair so I was thinking this would be perfect….. problem is it doesn’t fit under the table so it still sits in a spot like a regular high chair would. Aw well….. I love it. It reclines and looks so comfy. Wanna see how it went….

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Hey, this isn’t so bad

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Okay, she lied this stuff is disgusting!


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Woah…. that was so terrible I pooped myself out and I need a break!

I was just thinking…… I need to do a post on what my favorite things have been so far for me and baby. There are days I think to myself…… What would I do without this or that. I’ll do that soon.

And finally our family pic this year. And don’t you DARE say we look like Denver fans. Mom’s a Dallas fan Dad’s a Detroit fan 🙂 Everybody had orange and blue except me – I had to find my outfit last minute and yeah for me – I got it on clearance!!

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6 Responses to “mommy had a first!”

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Awww… You guys look so great!

You waited this long to breastfeed in public? I guess it’s different when you’re not out all the time (like me). I’ve had to feed Kitten under a towel at the pool! 🙂

LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful family!

adorable photo!!! the same things happen to me when i breastfeed in public. little one plays peek a boo with the blanket. haha.

Great family photo!

oh my goodness! How adorable are you all?! Too cute.
I can’t believe how big the baby has gotten!

Yay for you, you breast feeding in public virgin!! I think my first time was either at the mall when she was like 2 weeks, noooooo, it was on her 1 week check up, we went to a restaurant after. Fun, fun!! Now she’s getting so much bigger it’s so much more entertaining!! Especially when you forget to pull your shirt back over your boob and walk around with it hanging out….yes, happened to me……I’ll have to post my fave things and things I cant live with out too!!

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