ucky hospital memories

Posted on 18 October 2007. Filed under: hospital |

MK over here at Shootin’ The Poop reminded me of my little guys hospital experience. He’s my big little guy now, but this was about 6 years ago. The apartment we were living in back then had water leaking and the doc thought the mold caused some major breathing problems with him. The maintenance guy ran over some sprinkler heads causing major water leaks and my landlord would never clean anything up. Little did I know we had mold in there. I remember taking him to the doctor and when they said they were admitting him I bawled my eyes out. He was so little to be in the hospital and I think Mom was WAY more scared than he was. He was too busy checking everything out. The nurse walked over with me because I could hardly see where I was walking. I’m SUCH a big ol softy. I called my Mom to come and she started crying which made me cry harder – our family is like that. I seriously can cry over a Hallmark commercial. 🙂 Anyway….. such a horrible thing to see a little guy in a hospital gown and trying to keep him in his little oxygen filled area was awful and not happening. They wanted me to lay in there with him, which I tried but I couldn’t breathe in there. A little bit of claustrophobia I’d say. Here’s a couple pics of the little guy trying to break out of his oxygen area and hiding by the chair – I’d say he was ready to go.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wow – we had SUCH a crappy camera back then – they are terribly blurry.


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2 Responses to “ucky hospital memories”

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Poor little guy! He sure is cute trying to hide in the corner though!

My much younger cousin (also my godchild) has severe asthma, so he’s been hospitalized many times in his very young life. My aunt went through many similar moments. Just know it is okay to be a softie! It is scary when mommy can’t fix everything that is wrong for them. I love the picture of him trying to escape the tent! I could picture my little guy doing that.

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