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I decided I’d post a few of my favorite things for me and baby over the past 3 1/2 months. Some of these I swear I couldn’t live without. Baby and I love them.

Bright Starts Musical Melodies Bouncer This we couldn’t have lived without – we used this ALL the time. It’s gotten moved from room to room – it’s easy to move. Little guy sits in it while I shower and he HAS to be in the same room with me 🙂 He sat in it in the kitchen while I cooked, any room while I cleaned – just everywhere. Also….. to those babies who need help poopin….. this chair is a MUST have! haha This is no joke… EVERY-TIME baby sat in this chair he’d poop. Now I’ll hear him fussing and if he hasn’t pooped I’ll set him in this chair, he’ll do his business almost instantly and then out he comes and he’s happy again. How weird! It’s been named “The Poopin’ Chair” at our house. Baby is just now starting to not like this chair anymore, he wants to sit up-right, I’m sad because this chair has been such a life saver so much.

Big Brother’s old Swing – This also used to get used a lot more. He hasn’t much cared for it lately. I’ve moved it downstairs since when I’m down there I only need to set him there for a few minutes and he likes it for that little bit. He even falls asleep sometimes in those few minutes, of course the minute I stop it he wakes, but it’s a little cat nap 🙂

Evenflo Exersaucer Mega – He LOVES this thing. He’s not tall enough to reach so I put a blanket underneath him so he can spin himself. He thinks that’s pretty cool. We wish there were more musical toys around it and maybe some more spinning things. He loves the toy on it that spins and plays music.

Bumbo Babysitter – This works great for little guy to sit in while I’m attempting to ready myself a little bit in the bathroom. He can sit on the counter in it while I stand right in front of him. Plus it puts him right in front of the mirror and he loves that. This too is super portable making it easy to pack anywhere.

Graco Pack ‘n Play – This is probably a favorite of Mom’s more than Baby’s. He’s slept in this bassinet since about 6 weeks I think. I love it! He sleeps next to me in our bedroom and if we had to pack this up to go somewhere, we could do so easily.

Evenflo Comfort Select Single Electric Breast Pump – How do I love thee… let me count the ways!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d never live without this thing – it’s my best friend 🙂 We’ve spent MANY hours together. It maybe wasn’t the greatest pump ever made and it’s surely not quiet, but it’s gotten the job done for a cheaper price.

Johnson’s Nursing Pads
– These have been BY FAR my favorite. They are soft and quiet and comfy. I’ve tried almost every brand I can find. Some were annoyingly loud every time I moved, some were made for you ladies with huge boobies and some were just uncomfortable and itchy. Me and my little boobies will takes these please 🙂

Evenflo Snugli Front and Back Pack Soft Carrier – We’ve used this indoors and outdoors. There were days that strapping little guy onto me was the only way to get anything done.

Big Brother’s old Walker – Since growing out of the bouncy seat poopin’ chair little guy LOVES to be in his walker. He cruises all over the kitchen. He’s currently going backwards and spinning in circles, we’re still working on that going forward thing.

Baby Trend Car-Seat/Stroller
– Love both these items – we had some problems with the stroller at first, but it seems to be working better. I will say…… for having the #1 rated Car-Seat the customer service at Baby Trend SUCKS!!!!!!!!! The car-seat is super heavy but I love it anyway. I’m getting some big guns on me 🙂 hahah KIDDING

A few other misc things….. Huggies Supreme diapers of course (Although we are currently using regular Huggies), Parent’s Choice (Walmart brand) wipes and formula – we tried other Formula’s and baby threw it up, Playtex bottles WITH liners (I see no other way for bottles) and many other things I’m sure I’ve missed – but those are a few things that come to mind.

I didn’t put a mobile on here because we haven’t found one we really like. We tried the Infant Stim-Mobile and haven’t been happy with it. I think baby wants something with lights, music and/or motion.


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8 Responses to “some of my favorites”

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We weren’t able to find a mobile we liked, either… We have a simple, bright colored one (no movement/no music – just cool to look at), but we were looking all over for something with lights and music – in the affordable range. No luck…Thanks for stopping by my site!

Kitten loves her bouncy chair (we have the rainforest one).

We have the rainforest mobile, and I really like it. It has three bright coloured animals, plus leaves that move up and down while the animals spin, and there’s a light on the base of the mobile. I don’t know if it fits awkward cribs, but seems to manage in ours just fine! We also use the rainforest music box, which has lights and moving things, but is attached to the side of the crib, and doesn’t hang over top.

For Christmas, we’re getting Kitten the rainforest (yes, there is a theme!!! I love this stuff) Jumperoo, as we think she’ll be ready for that in a couple of months! (

Good picks!

I think the breast pump is one of the greatest inventions ever. I don’t know what moms did before that (ok, suffer). Those nursing pads really are the best. I also love the pack-n-play.

I want the Jumperoo thing so bad! Since baby has decided the poopin chair isn’t cool anymore, we go between the Exersaucer and the Walker or Mom 🙂 haha

Ha!!! Mine is a poopin chair too!! I need to go back and add a few things, like my breastpump and such…will edit

I need a poopin chair. heehee.

The Jumperoo and swing were big at our house too. So was the bouncy seat (for when I showered.)

My neighbor lent us her Jumperoo – and let me tell you, that thing can get poop out of any child… Prior to Little Dude crawling, it felt like we were just rotating Little Dude from the floor (and his Baby Einstein play gym), to the Jumperoo and then to the Exersaucer – and the poop always seemed to come after the Jumperoo. The other thing I loved (and am starting to love again) is his Fisher-Price rocker/recliner/buzzy chair. He’s just starting to like it again, too, as he has realized it is a good place to just “chill” and have sip from a bottle, when he needs a moment away from destroying the house and if Mommy can’t hold him at that moment.

I bought this as a secondary pack n play to keep in my car for the days we end up staying longer at Grandma’s than what we planned on. Also this saves me from having to tear down my $100 Graco pack n play that my daughter plays in.

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