perfect timing and 4 Months

Posted on 5 November 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, Everyday Life, house, squirrel |

Holy &*#! you aren’t going to believe this! So yesterday there I sit watching a movie, the remainder of it because I fell asleep the night before. Baby is sleeping in his crib and I’m curled up. The movie… Mr. Brooks – gotta see it, although you can figure out everything that’s going to happen, it’s still a good movie. So anyway….. there I am when Mr. Brooks shoots somebody…. I got this eerie feeling that I wasn’t alone (it was SO creepy) when this SQUIRREL comes running through my kitchen, into the living, jumps when it sees me and tears back through my kitchen into my basement!!!! My heart sunk, I ran to find the phone and shoes. Okay…. so I really ran, shut baby’s bedroom door and jumped on my bed 🙂 hahahaha Yes a squirrel scared the shit outta me that bad!! It was perfect timing to scare me. The weirdest thing was I had been down in my office earlier that morning and kept hearing noises. I convinced myself that I was freaking myself out because of the movie from the night before. For once! I really was hearing noises!! haha My Dad and oldest came to my rescue – Dad shaking his head at me saying it’s a squirrel you didn’t freak out that bad – OOOOOH yes I did! It was all about timing – I’m tellin ya! Now had I been washing dishes and looked over and saw a cute cuddly little friend I might not have freaked so bad. Dad scared it up the stairs one time and my oldest and I tried getting it out the door but it jumped back under the stairs and we haven’t found it since. 😦 Great! So I’m living with a squirrel now. The only places it could have gone under our stairs is between the floors – UGGGGG or into some old duct work – Double UGGGGG! Or with any luck at all, it scurried outside while we weren’t looking, we left the back door open for quite some time.

In other news….. Baby is 4 months old now!!!! I swear time flies SO fast with kids. Here’s a couple 4 month pics.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

UPDATE! The squirrel WAS back! Ack! I came down here to tell you all about it when I heard little steps above me IN BETWEEN THE FLOORS!! I hurried to the room he WAS in and by the time I got there he was scratching at the door. NOW…… That damn squirrel is GONE!! Woohoo!! It took setting a live trap and catching the damn thing, but whatever works. We are now missing numerous ceiling tiles and my basement is a mess from it, BUT the squirrel is GONE!! The last I saw him, the little (not so cute) guy was sitting on TOP of my door (it was partially open) just looking around. Uggg!



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6 Responses to “perfect timing and 4 Months”

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I don’t like little furry things, so I would have been creeped out by the whole incident. YUCK!

4 months, already?

that’s soooo funny. I’m glad he didn’t die in between floor or anything. It’s pretty funny that you freak out so badly.

He looks like such a little man

Creepy about the squirrel. Weird.

I was going to tell you that he looks like such a great little man… but Pluckymama beat me to it! He looks darling!

Ha, I was watching that same movie and had an incident happen to me too…..that movie is spooked!!!!
Gorgeous baby boy!! 4 months has flown!!!

Oh your little man is getting so big. He’s so adoreable.

He had chipmunks that “lived” in our basement of our old house for a bit. They’d occassionally come up to the main floor to see what was what. The dumb dog would never see them.

It is unnerving to have little guests like that when you have a baby in the house.

Okay, the squirrel story is freaking me out… I’ve dealt with bats in a previous residence, and I don’t like anything that is not invited in my house.

Your little man is so cute!

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