you’re more worried about the post aren’t you?

Posted on 18 November 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, busy, Christmas, crafts, Everyday Life, family, kids, snow |

I can’t think of a title right now. Probably because this is just a quick post with no real subject. Maybe just a bunch of yada yada yada shit. I started my crafty stuff for the Holiday Season. I LOVE this time of year, as I say every year, it’s so gosh darn homey feeling. I’m making snowflakes and reindeer. Will post pictures soon/later, whichever works for me. Tonight is tree night hopefully. That’s the plan anyway. Yesterday while my son was showering I slipped a note under the door that said….. Sunday Night… You, Me and a Christmas Tree… Love, Mom. He loves stuff like that, he came out with the HUGEST smile on his face with a little hop in his step. It’s so funny when he’s all excited. It’s going to be a pain to have the tree up with all the construction going on in the living room, but we’ll put it in the least messy spot and just deal. I want to be decorated for Thanksgiving. We have no snow still which makes it feel weird to be dragging the tree in. Maybe the tree will make it snow 🙂 I don’t really like snow, I’d just like a little on the ground for decorating purposes.

Baby is good as ever. His favorite thing right now is his walker. He follows me around the kitchen and I constantly trip over him. This morning I was trying to clean my floor and put some stuff away and he ended up going in circles trying to follow me – it was rather hilarious. It’s awesome when he heads for you because he gets this look of determination on his face and when he gets there he reaches for you – I LOVE IT!

He’s turning into such a big boy/toddler. You can’t hold him anymore without him trying to climb all over you and help you talk on the phone, take a drink, write a note, whatever it is you’re trying to do. When we’re at the computer he has to type with me which means things are closing and opening and we have additional letters in our words and all kinds of fun stuff. My baby is already growing up 😦 Just a couple days ago a couple friends told me how great I looked since being pregnant, it’s no lie…. I looked horrible at that time. That made my day so much for them to notice and let me know. Sometimes a little pick me up is all we need.

Hugs to all!!


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3 Responses to “you’re more worried about the post aren’t you?”

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I have to give Little Dude a couple of kitchen “toys” when I’m trying to work in there (spoons of various sizes, bowls, cups, etc…). He follows me from counter to counter and I always have to make certain I know where he and my cat are. They are both MAJOR tripping hazards.

Isn’t it sad how fast they grow?

I’m envious of your Christmas tree… The Hubby refuses to talk Christmas tree until just around his birthday – December 12. I don’t know how we are going to do one this year with Little Dude on the loose!

Awe! I’m sure you looked fab-o all along!!!

I’ve got most of our decorations up already….which is HUGE for me! Usually I’m lucky to get a tree up before xmas! lol

Hey, I’ve missed you!! I can see you have your hands full though! DO you have a pic of little guy in his walker? Aubrees head doesnt hardly clear the tray and she has no clue what to do in it. Maybe I need a smaller one, and she put her in it more. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

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