sometimes you just have to not worry

Posted on 27 November 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds |

Today was one of those days I just didn’t worry that my son stayed home from school. He said he was sick, which I totally didn’t believe, but decided against making him go to school and let him stay home. After I called the school he came bouncing out of his room – really sick huh? He said his stomach hurt, the flu is going around so whatever 🙂 I’ll tell you this though…. when I was in the 1st grade (Dad I’m telling on you) my Mom was out of town so we were home with Dad. I woke one morning crying and saying I didn’t feel good. He made me go to school saying I just missed Mom and I threw up all over the reading table with everybody sitting there. It was horrible! K – I’m done telling on you 🙂 Love ya!

Today was fun – we made Blushing Apples and played Cribbage. He’s napping now, they are actually BOTH napping! Woah!! It’s like my 10 minutes of quiet time as I’m sure baby won’t last long napping. In an hour or so we’ll be adding 3 kids to the mix, that’s when the REAL fun starts. Trying to keep them out of the tree and away from the train under the tree and away from all the other stuff.

This is big for me to just not worry about something. Usually I would have made him go to school just because I think he should be there. I’m such a hard ass. But today I’m glad I let him stay home. It was a fun day 🙂 And a little extra Mom time for him isn’t a bad thing – he’s always so good about letting baby have me all the time.


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4 Responses to “sometimes you just have to not worry”

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Even kids need a mental health day now and again.

And yes, my mom was the same way. And each of us three kids, at one point, went to school and barfed. So not fun for ANYONE.


Staying home with mommy days are SO good….I’ve already been guilty once this year too…..
It’s a great time of year to stay in for a cuddle…..

My mom was wonderful about letting us each take a “mom day” now and then… I remember them well and they are some of the best memories…

Every once in a while, my mom let me have a mental health day. We all need them. 🙂

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