are we skipping crawling?

Posted on 28 November 2007. Filed under: baby |

Baby has been standing next to this toy to play – I of course put him there and stand behind him for when he gets tipsy. He pushes/leans on it to play and many times pushes it forward and just walks right behind it. 5 Months is coming 🙂

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7 Responses to “are we skipping crawling?”

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Holy cow!! That is amazing!!! Aubree hasn’t figured out her walker even yet. Are you sure he’s only 5 months?!?! Wow!!!! Do you spend alot of time holding him up and letting him bounce on his feet? Does he have a exer saucer or did you just do the walker?????

He’s always up and moving. He practically lives in his walker and yes he plays in the exersaucer a lot too. We spend countless hours walking all over the house and last night he was walking BACKWARDS!! It was the most hilarious thing ever!! I have it on camera, but I don’t know how to get it to the computer. I need to have my computer upstairs so I can use the webcam again. He was walking backwards and giggling! I promise he’s only 5 months…. July 2nd is a day I won’t forget any time soon 🙂 lol

What kind of walker do you have? We have my oldest son’s old walker from almost 9 years ago. It doesn’t have anything fancy on it, but it’s perfect and he gets toys out of the toybox now and puts them on the tray part. To see him digging in the toybox is HILARIOUS. This morning he was digging in the cupboard and he grabbed the bottle of cooking wine! 🙂 haha

wowza, standing already?? crazy!

Looks like you have a little athlete on your hands.

They grow up far too quickly, don’t they???

I tried this with Ikey, he just fell over. Ha ha.

I haven’t leaned Kitten up against anything, but if you put her in a sitting position then pull up on her arms a bit, she’ll stand right up! I can’t believe it! I have a feeling that she won’t do much crawling, she much prefers to stand!

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