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Baby is 5 months old! (Yes I’m a little late with this post) As I say everytime…. where the heck does the time go?! He’s changed so much and changes every day it seems. We are working on sitting and he’s doing amazingly well. He sat last night for quite some time but when he does get tipsy we have to be there because he doesn’t know to catch himself. Everything’s happening backwards 🙂 lol He was also up to crawl but just couldn’t quite figure out what to do after he got up. He’s loving standing around his toys and tries to walk around them but he usually gets caught up in his feet since he’s used to walking forward and backward not side to side. Guess we might as well just try everything all in one night huh. Silly boy. He’s definitely a mover. There’s not much sitting around with him. He’ll stand by himself for a few seconds and then he’ll try to take a few steps forward so we have to catch him before he plants his face into the ground.

Here’s his 5 Month Pic (He’s about 15 pounds now)

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We’ve started a new sleeping arrangement. It’s been going for 2 nights now. It’s not working yet, but I’m trying it for a couple weeks. I’m trying to be patient, which I’m not usually very good at. But with baby it’s a whole new ballgame. He’s been sleeping in the bassinet/playpen right next to my bed and when it was eating time he’d crawl into bed with me and nurse all he wanted. Many times this meant we’d both fall asleep and then spend the rest of the night waking to eat, waking to move, waking because we were rolling into each other, etc. It just wasn’t working. So a few days back I said okay, no more coming into bed to nurse, it’s just not working anymore – it did when he was smaller and not moving. So I got up to nurse him and then put him right back to bed. Now two nights ago we started a little different thing, still with getting up to nurse and putting baby back to bed. He now sleeps right outside my bedroom door which is also right next to the bathroom. We leave the fan/heater on for noise and that’s where he sleeps. I’m a little uneasy just because he’s not RIGHT next to me, but at least I can see him and hear him easily. Plus I get up like 50 times to pee so I walk right past him and feel his back to make sure he’s breathing and watch the blankets move up and down for added reassurance. So far the plan isn’t working 100%. I think he’s sleeping a bit better because we’re not rolling into each other and the fan/heater works great. But he’s still getting up 2, 3 or 4 times a night. He’s SUPER hard to get back to sleep now and I’m pretty sure it’s a little retaliation because he’s mad that he’s not in bed with me eating. Who knows – he’s keeping me on my toes that’s for sure.

He refuses to take a bottle. I’ve tried giving him a bottle just to get a little extra food in case he’s hungry but he’ll have nothing to do with it. He’ll hold whatever is in the bottle in his mouth until I just take it out and then he’ll spit it all out. Turd. Then we’ll go nurse and he’ll eat like crazy. He’s using a sippy cup but mostly for a teething toy. He loves that soft nipple and it’s SO great for him to hold onto. He eats cereal with veggies or fruit usually just once a day, thinned down real runny so he can digest it easily. I mixed it too thick once and he had an awfully hard time with it.

Come Christmas vacation we are going to work on getting him a little used to someone besides me…. AKA Gramma 🙂 He wants his Momma and that’s it. No if, ands or buts about it. Just Momma. I’m flattered and all but I wish he’d learn to love everybody else too. We have a couple things we’re going to try. One involves Gramma bribing him with teething biscuits and the other involves me hiding in the house and then coming out of hiding in like 10 minutes to say HEY baby! See Mommy will come right back and you’re okay! We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to do this everyday. Gramma’s a teacher so she’ll be on break and I can just back both little ones up here and head over there. It’s worth a try. It’s breaking every-body’s hearts I think.

So that’s how things are going here. Not real easy but with a little guy that cute I can’t say I don’t enjoy a little extra time together. And I’ll say this again…… I’m SO glad I decided to breastfeed – it’s SO amazing to me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We bought a few cans of formula, I think 4 to be exact. We’ve wasted I think 3 of them and maybe actually used 1 can. We make bottles to take and then he won’t want them or they get too old. I use it now to make his cereal. I’m glad we both took well to breastfeeding – what a journey!

Mommy and Baby giggling at something big brother was doing I think.

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Sorry for the long post 🙂 It’s been a while


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6 Responses to “working on that milestone”

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i love your long post and i love these pictures!!

Long posts are great. I got distracted by kids like 50 times while reading it though.

I’m so happy you’re enjoying breastfeeding and getting the hang of it well. I need to stay up to nurse too because lately I’ve been sleeping too deeply and we’re sleeping together for like 5 hours of the night. Neither of us move a muscle and then my back hurts the next day. I think it’s sleep training time.

Don’t worry about him stopping breathing, I know every mom does but it’s so rare. To calm you’re nerves…if they’re really terrible…you can get heart and breathing monitors that go under the sheet and there’s something you can keep by your bed with an alarm. That’s for the sick kids and the uber paranoid. Better,though, than not being able to sleep well or having restless sleeps with the kid in the bed.

He looks so big! I love the picture of you two laughing. It’s funny how much older he looks than Kitten, even though he’s only a few weeks! 🙂

I’m glad to hear that you’re sticking with the playpen outside your door. Soon, it will pay off! 🙂

You are georgous. And so is your little man. LOVE the photos.

He is darling! That is a cute picture of the two of you too! Thanks for sharing them. I can’t believe that he is 5 months old! I also cannot believe that it took five months for him to weigh as much as my cat. LOL

It took time for Little Dude and I to stop spending at least part of the night together, so hang in there. It will happen. Your guy is so adorable! Enjoy your first Christmas with him!

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