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Ugggg….. there’s just not time anymore. Sorry it’s been so long. Christmas time is always a busy time. We had Christmas at our house for the first time this year so that was fun. Baby was very overwhelmed, just a bit much for his little brain. So much to do and see. The night of the 23rd we had friends over, which meant our routine was all kinds of off. He didn’t have his bath at his normal time, which I believe threw him off for the entire night. It was like Hey Mom and Dad I’m here in my jammas in my crib but it’s not been bath time soooooo I guess it’s just my normal 20 minute nap time! 🙂 And that’s how it went until about 1:30 that morning. Papa and Gramma got my oldest a Wii, so it’s not hard to guess where we’ve been. Our muscles are SORE! Out of shape people.

Baby seems to change everyday. I think I say that all the time – oh well. He’s into a stage where he likes to sit on his own more than being held (most of the time anyway). It’s so dang cute to watch him sit and play toys and reach for what he wants. Speaking of reaching…. just the other night (maybe last night actually – who knows – I’m all off on days) he did a BIG reach for Mom with a little cry saying Momma I want yoooooou. Stole my heart!! I LOVE it!! 🙂 hehe Christmas day he was sitting on Daddy’s chest/neck and started bouncing – way too cute! He loves doing that now.

He got his little push around walker from his Zia and Uncle and he thinks that’s pretty snazzy. He gets these big ol smiles on his face and away we go. Although he stops often because it’s full of blocks to play with and he likes to get those out. Soft blocks. Hard blocks. Crinkly blocks. Fuzzy blocks. You name it, they are in there.

Oooooh my oldest also got one of those Havoc Heli’s – those are awesome! He’s had a blast trying to land it in different places. On top of shelves or on top of the fan blades. Too fun – very hard to control!

We are still having a horrible time with sleeping during the night. We’re exhausting all options (except the whole cry it out thing). Right now I’m currently trying to soothe him to sleep IN his crib with his little aquarium thingy. I can soothe him to sleep (if you want to call it that) but he only stays “asleep” for like 2 minutes. Tried for about an hour last night before I got him out and fed him. All he wants is a boob – that makes him all kinds of happy. Tonight after bath time I was laying in bed with him just playing and talking. He kept grabbing both side of my face and trying to bring my face really close to his and suck on whatever hit his mouth first! Silly boy.

I have tons more I could type but baby just decided to fall asleep, which is odd at this time, so I’m guessing he’ll be up soon. I’m going to finish what I can and get as many minutes of sleep that I can. Tomorrow is another busy day. Hugs to all!! 🙂


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8 Responses to “long time”

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I totally understand the sleep issues. It took a LONG time for Little Dude to start sleeping well, and to stay asleep. We tried many things and many times I would just sleep on the couch, with him on top of me, or curl up in the guest bedroom with him, just so we could both get some sleep. And I had always said I wouldn’t co-sleep.

Now we are working on the going to sleep on our own in the crib. Something that he can do, but would prefer if Mommy rocks him to sleep. Last night he only did a little sob for under a minute (I stayed in the room), and then he grabbed onto his favorite blanket and curled up to sleep. We’re getting there and you will too!

The accident of finding this post has bregetinhd my day

If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pardner!

I’m on the hunt for a Wii now. I played the boxing game with my nephew on Christmas Day, and then yesterday my shoulders and back hurt like crazy. Good workout, though!

Merry Christmas! I’m glad you had a nice holiday.

I love it when Kitten does that face thing!

I’m sorry to hear that Kiddo is still not sleeping well 😦 I hope that changes soon!

Ah, another family getting in on the Wii love. I feel so left out! 😀

Glad you had a great Christmas, hopefully things are calmer now!

Hey girl!! Our Wii has brought many happy days and nights to our house in the last year, we sat for 6 hours last year and got one. Aubree does the kissy face thing too, and if someone is holding her and she wants Mum Mum she grabs both my cheeks and starts all kinds of kissing. She sleeps well on and off too. I still co sleep so we get some rest, I just curl up beside her and when she starts to wake, I feed her and she’s right back out. Hubby sometimes gives her a bottle of breastmilk before bed and before I feed her and that helps, seems breast milk still digests so fast, even with her sometimes having food, which is rare, she still just wants to be a booby baby only!!!!
Good luck!!!

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