6 Month Update

Posted on 8 January 2008. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life |

One of two things needs to happen…. I need to get a laptop so I can have my computer upstairs or baby needs to take naps regularly so I can get down here to update. Not that I should sit around waiting for those to happen any time soon……. but it’d be nice 🙂

Had our 6 Month Well Baby Check-Up yesterday. Little guy is doing great. He’s in the 38%tile for weight and the 95%tile for height. Tall and skinny I guess. Heads good. Hearts good. Ears good. Mouths good. Eyes good. Etc. I was a little shocked at this from the doctor….. he asked if we were doing breast or bottle and I said breast still. He asked how long I planned on doing that, I said maybe until 1 year, to which he said, you know he’s 6 months and will have all his shots you can stop anytime now. I was shocked the doctor said that, I thought for sure if I was willing, able and wanting to he’d love to hear I was continuing breastfeeding. Weird, but whatever, not changing my mind. I’ve got a booby baby and he doesn’t want a bottle so I’m perfectly fine with that. And I’m not ready to give it up yet – I treasure our time together and can’t imagine letting it go. It’s all going to end too soon.

It’s amazing what 6 months can do for a baby….. It seems like just yesterday he was just laying there sleeping away, not moving, just being a baby. Now he’s up sitting, standing, working really hard on crawling (got the legs figured out – working on the arms – rocks like crazy), babbling away, spitting, laughing, just plain carrying on most of the time. He loves his baby food and it seems like overnight he started eating way more. He eats and then wants to nurse afterwards – maybe just a good way to wash it all down. I’m bad this month and haven’t gotten his 6 Month pics done – darn it – too much sickness around here and craziness. The sickness is making it’s way around and so far has skipped baby, hope it stays that way, I can’t have that little guy sick.

I feel like I have lots more to update with, but baby is actually sleeping which is weird and nice and since I was sick I feel horribly behind in all that I need to do so I best get moving and will update SOON 🙂 HUGS TO ALL

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to update with a couple pics……

“Momma said to stuff a sock in it – so I did!”

“Look at me…… I look like I’m REALLY listening to them.”


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9 Responses to “6 Month Update”

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How cute. Nice pictures!

Don’t they grow to quickly?

Your baby is so cute! I love that shirt.

I am surprised that the doctor said that too. Most of them encourage 12 months, right?

He really does look like a little man. Very cute!

Oh My God!! I have that Old Navy onesie for Aubree, I also got the jeans, the brown cardigan, and the red high tops!! She looks like a boy in it!!! I’ll take a pic and post it!!

Absolutely adorable! Love the pics!

Hi there!

I know you don’t have a ton of time, but just wanted to let you know that Little Dude celebrated his first birthday, so pop over if you get a chance – new pics are posted! Hope you are enjoying life with your little guy as it all goes by too quickly!

ugh, I hate how dr.’s love to misinform everyone about breastfeeding. Seriously, that is a dumb thing to say. Way to go on the breastfeeding!!!!!

That first photo with him and the sock is my favorite. Totally adorable child you’ve got there!

oh my goodness he’s just a little gentleman! He is getting so big!

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