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Posted on 28 January 2008. Filed under: Everyday Life |

Ah sweet change…. shocking from me…. I don’t know how to do change very well. But it just seemed right for today. I hope I haven’t lost all my friends on here. I’ve had a super hard time getting down to write. It’s all the same shit…. busy with kids, busy with life, yada flippin yada. I know…. I’m boring, trust me I’m boring to myself right now. The boys keep me on my toes though – thank goodness for them. I’m not even sure what to write about. I could tell you all about my daycare kids, but I’m not thinking that’s the most interesting thing to hear about. I could write about life, but that’d be a book so I won’t bore you with that. You all haven’t heard from me in forever and the one post I sneak to write is boring and depressing.

I’m in search of a convertible car seat – how did you all decide which to buy? When I bought my infant car seat Gramma had found the consumer report article and so I bought the best one and that was that. This time I don’t have that article so I’m searching myself and let me tell you – I’m stuck.

I guess I’m done…. I’m staring at the screen wondering what else I could write about and I’m completely blank so I’ll try to be back sooner 🙂 **HUGS TO ALL**


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8 Responses to “look! change!”

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Love the fresh new look! I am contemplating making a change, too, but I haven’t found a format I am in love with, yet…

Take care! 🙂

We’re still here!!!

I picked the cutest carseat. So, I’m not sure that was the right way to go, but that’s what we did. It was important to me that it has the lever thing in between baby’s legs that adjusts the shoulder straps. That was really all I wanted, and the Safety First one we bought was like that. I understand that the Britax ones are some of the best rated ones, but are really expensive. Like I said, we got the Safety First one, and it goes from rear facing, to front facing, to booster seat with a back, to a backless booster. So it should last us until she doesn’t need a seat any more (80 lbs).

I’ve missed you lots and lots! I hope to see you around more often!!

Also – I’m surprised at your doctor. Here the health authorities are recommending breast feeding past the 12 month mark. We’ll probably stop in the next few months, as Kitten is just getting too aggressive with my fairly fragile breast tissue! Right now I have scratches and gouges on my boob… and that’s just not fun at all. We’re currents supplementing one feeding with cereal (we started wheat cereal this week! Rice didn’t change her poops, but wheat sure did!!) and a bottle, and eventually we’ll probably keep changing it up. My last feeding to go will probably be the morning one because it’s convenient, and she nurses so well.

Just so you know – you motivated me to update my look, too! Thank you!

Hey!! I know what you mean about being busy, everything I’ve ever written is boring anyways, oh well!!! My main reason for writing is to keep track myself, not for others, good thing cause I dont’ think I have to many readers ;-( I never get comments so who knows?!
I am going to breast feed Aubree until she’s around one a half. If the boobs make it that long! THe left one has pretty much given up, she’s still booby only though, we haven’t tried formula yet.
I got the Alpha Omega Convertible Car Seat from Babies R Us, I think its called the Mustang. Its really nice and snug fitting. She still is in her carrier seat but has rode in this one a few times. It is really big though. I am seriously considering the Britax one cause I LOVE the cawmooflage one!!!!

RC: I loved the new look! And little guy is too cute 🙂

SC: I am loved! 🙂

Kait: Bummer on the nursing. We are still going and doing very well. His feeding during the day are changing as he’s eating more and more food. He doesn’t nurse in the morning anymore – he says “Woman! I’ve been sleeping all night (haha well I’ve been up a lot, but that’s beside the point….) I want food!! hehe He loves his breakfast in the morning. The feeding we won’t be getting rid of any time soon is the night time feeding. It’s all Mommy at night time/bed time.

Beverly: Which site do I need to go to for you anymore? Good job on breast feeding. Little guy won’t take a bottle here normally, every once in a while he has, but usually only water. He doesn’t want formula in a bottle – he KNOWS where he gets his milk from 🙂 hehe I’m wanting to make it to a year, but that night time feeding……. geesh he could be 2 before he wants to give that one up – that’s going to be tricky.

And a comment just from me…. I have a car seat in my car that belongs to a little girl I babysit. A feature I’ve decided is a must for me is a good base. This base is solid. Not made with a million little lines to make ugly yucky lines in my leather seats. Just a nice solid base – it’s great. Tell me what your bases are like pretty please. It’ll help me make a decision, since I’m never seeing pictures of the bases online. And the 1 store I have to pick from has 3 car seats to pick from. Lovely.

Britax is supposed to be the safest. I don’t have one though.

I have two different bases – one comes off (the backless booster portion), plus just the regular seat. I know that the booster base is just the shape of the bottom, so a funny square, but I don’t know what the seat is like. I use a rolled up towel to prop her seat to the right angle, and I have one on the seat so it doesn’t make ugly marks on the leather!

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