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I don’t want to go so long between posts. So as I commented on everybody else’s pages I was thinking, hey that’s something to post about and that and that, etc. Do you think I remember everything…. uhhhh no but that’s beside the point.

I’ve been making baby’s baby food and man is it better than that jar stuff. He loves what I’ve made him. I’m using up the jar stuff so he has some varied tastes (if you want to call it that…. seriously what I made is so much more flavorful) before I can get an assortment made. He loves the yams and broccoli I’ve made him a few times now. And he of course loves pears and apples, separate and mixed, with a little dash of cinnamon. I steal some bites of all that yummy stuff every once in a while too. 🙂 I’ll keep some jars of baby food on hand for those crunch times when I don’t have time (I’m not exactly sure how I’ve found the time to make the baby food thus far actually) or when we need a snack to take with us. So in other words, I’ll keep a few convenience jars on hand.

Breastfeeding is still going oh so wonderful. I don’t see us stopping any time soon. I love it… he loves it… what more do we need. He’s turning into such a boy, he’ll just reach up and grab ’em sometimes, give ’em a little pinch letting me know he wants some of that. He still says NO to bottles so it’s not like we have a choice here. I’ve decided I want to try giving him a bottle at night when he wakes to let him know there’s more ways to go to sleep and be comforted than just by Mommy. I’m not trying to complain too much, he just loves his Momma, but he’s still not going to any body else and I keep thinking maybe if he’ll learn to take a bottle he’ll realize he can get food from others too and maybe… just maybe he’ll like more people and let them hold him and maybe stay with them for an hour or so, just maybe so Mommy can run a few errands and not drag him around in the cold.

I’ve been trying (key word…. TRYING) to babysit a little girl who’s about 11 months old. She’s a huge Mommy and Daddy’s girl too and she cries the entire time she’s here usually. The first time I watched her, I stuck it out for about 6 hours before I called her Dad and said HELP! I’ve tried a couple more times since. It’s just the same thing. I kept wondering why I was so willing to help but I’ve decided it’s probably because I know exactly what they are going through. I was going to keep her and her older brother (he’s 3) more full time but the Mom quit her job because we don’t see it changing any time soon and she didn’t know what else to do. Luckily she was in a situation where she COULD quit, so it made her decision all the easier.

And I said I had nothing to talk about…. haha Now you’re all thinking… make her stop! And I’m not ready yet.

Baby is doing so good with crawling. Everyday gets a little better and last night he was doing awesome. We’d gone into the bedroom to put some stuff away quick like and when we turned around guess who’d followed us in. How stinkin’ cute! We DADDY put our sub-floor down in the living room this weekend so now baby has an awesome surface to run around on in his walker, and to crawl around on (until we get our walls done and then carpet). Last night he headed into the bathroom, this was new to explore in his walker. He headed in, I asked him what he was doing, and he shut the door. Which meant…. he was stuck in there. I got the video camera so I could peek in on him since he had the door blocked. He was checking himself out in the mirror and trying to open the drawers.

My big little guy’s birthday is coming up – I can’t believe he’s going to be 9!!! And let me tell you this is a big shock for me…. I was certain he was only going to be 8!!! Don’t think I’m a horrible parent. I just seriously thought he was doing to be 8! I had already ordered the cake and everything with 8!! Luckily I ordered it in advance and it wasn’t made. And lucky that I said something about him being a big boy, he’ll be 8 now while driving around to hand out invitations. I was then informed he was going to be 9!!! ACK!!! Boy did I feel like an idiot calling the bakery and telling them I’d put the wrong age on my son’s cake.

Maybe I should stop now…. this is getting really long and I have to run errands when Daddy gets home for lunch. Lucky for him baby just fell asleep.


I suppose I could leave you all with a picture.

Well never mind….. you don’t get a picture. I couldn’t remember the name of the site I usually post on and when I finally remembered that I couldn’t remember my password and I’ve been trying to send it to myself but it’s not coming in and who the heck knows what email I had in there. Long story short…. I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING THESE DAYS! So when I do…. I’ll post a pic.


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Congrats on the breastfeeding still going well, and I know what you mean about making your own food.

Because I work outside of the home full-time, we do use jars during the day to supplement the real food he is able to eat, just due to time. But on the weekends, I try to make one or two things that can be eaten by him throughout the week, including pureed fruit and veggies. (Even though he is eating more solid food, he is still being picky about textures of some items, and will only do them pureed.)

Sure, tease us with talk of a picture! I see how it is!

I love crawling!!!! I took Aubree to the park yesterday and she LOVED swinging!!!!!
Aubree doesn’t like baby jar food either, only likes real food too!!!

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