me and my dumb ideas

Posted on 9 February 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Yikes! There’s too many boys here tonight! It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow but he celebrated today with his buddies from school and one little girl buddy (who I have a story about – she’s too cute). Could have just stopped at the whole bowling party but ohhhhhh no decided a sleepover would be fun. ACK!. Between the WII, PS2, remote control cars, a screaming baby and just general boy noise…. I’m ready to lose it. I had to move my glider into baby’s room just so I could feed him and the little guy could get some sleep finally. It’s been a long, overwhelming day for him. But brother is having a blast! 🙂 They all had a blast bowling which we say we must do more often because we all love it. Good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If it wouldn’t have been too much for him baby would have had almost the entire bowling alley to cruise in his walker. But it was a little much and we spent the entire time passing him back and forth so we could bowl too, until he fell asleep then I just kept him.

Anyway… the little girl story – too funny. I don’t have a memory like this because I honestly don’t remember a first bra or training bra or whatever. I complained today that it’s because I’ve never had boobs… I keep trying to get someone to buy me some boobs so I can experience that whole bra buying thing! hehe 🙂 I musta just went from nothing to a little something and skipped the training bra phase. Oh…. I’m sure my family is loving my blog right about now 🙂 Right brother?? Sorry, back to my story. So this little girl comes over today and says “Hey, want to know something” “Sure” **Pulls neck opening of shirt back a bit, grabs itty bitty bra strap and gives it a couple pulls upward for me to see** “Wow, that’s cool, got your first bra huh” “Yep” **While rubbing ?chest? (she’s a third grader, a itty bitty third grader, there’s nothing there)** says… “And right here, it says Hannah Montana **peers down into shirt** I was giggling so hard on the inside. I loved it! Too cute to see her all excited to have her first bra.

Well I’d post pics but I can’t get into my account still and it won’t send me my password so I’m totally stuck right now.


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5 Responses to “me and my dumb ideas”

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I think my first bra was from an Underoos set, and it had Josie and the Pussycats on it. Too funny!

Awww… My first bra was an official Vogue bra. I went from nothing to a full C cup in less than a year. I have the scars to prove it.

I’m quite sure that she got the bra only because it said Hannah Montana on it! 🙂

Also: Why do they call them training bras? They serve no function, like training wheels. It’s not like it’s practice for when you wear a “real” bra.

Maybe it’s training for feeling like a woman and not just a girl anymore…. in which case they are starting too young…. ah well, it’s cute to see them so proud of it.

A bra in third grade? Too funny!!!

hahaha, the buying boobs things made me laugh. I asked my husband for some and he said no.

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