what would you do?

Posted on 14 February 2008. Filed under: daycare |

It was an interesting night here last night for about a half hour. I had a potential daycare child here with his Mom to visit, check the place out, meet me, etc. I have NEVER in my life seen a child act like this in a new place with his Mom right there. First of all, when they walked in, I was in the process of changing a super yucky diaper and getting new clothes on another child, they just took over. It was like I’d said make yourself at home (which I didn’t) and they did just that. She walked in looked around at everything that was open (doors are closed so I don’t have little boys playing in the toilet – it’s happened at his house – I’m avoiding it happening here – silly boys) and then proceeded to open a couple doors WHILE saying… what’s in here. Are you flippin kiddin me!? I mean seriously if I were a guest at someone’s house, I’d most likely stand or sit until they’d finished up, but I’m just sayin’. The little boy took off like a rocket, running through my house. I stopped him dead in his tracks and told him we don’t run in this house, there are 3 babies on the floor and you’re practically knocking them over on your way through the living room. **The Mom never said word one.** He then started digging through my cupboards until he’d found a box of Dots. He opened them, chewed them up, must have decided he didn’t like them or something (although I don’t know why it took putting them ALL in his mouth and chewing them up to decide that) because he spit them all over the OUTSIDE of the garbage bag. btw…. This little guy is 6. Then took the box and threw it on the floor. When he took the box originally I’d said excuse me, you can’t go digging through the drawers like that here. And when he threw the box on the floor I sure as hell made him pick it up. When I told him to pick it up that was the one and only time the Mom ever said anything. After I told him to pick it up, she told him to pick it up. And I guess since neither of us specified to throw it in the garbage after that, he chose to throw it on the stairs instead. WTF?! I had told her I’d watch him before all this really got into full swing. He had another child (who’s 5) acting way out of control from how he usually acts here. He’s usually a pretty good kid, he has boy moments (totally normal), but never has acted like that at my house. Next thing I knew the kid was jumping on my couch, then tried climbing over the back of my couch, over a half wall and onto my kitchen counter. I stopped him as he was about half-way through the opening. The Mom stilllllllll didn’t say anything! I can’t imagine letting my child act like that and not saying anything. If anything I’m probably a little too hard on mine when we are somewhere. I would have been mortified! It wasn’t too long after that she said they should probably be going. What a relief. But the kid made sure to get one more good run through the place, down to the basement, up the stairs, into my bedroom, onto my bed (don’t worry honey, I protected the bow), back out, onto the couch, which is where I grabbed him again. I thought it was pretty shitty that the Mom never once disciplined the kid. Sure it’s going to be my job when he’s at my house and she’s gone but she just got herself a golden ticket right out my door. I had other kids to worry about last night, I was just relieved when she left last night. I talked to her today for quite some time and let her know I was concerned about how he acted and I wasn’t willing to take that on. I have babies playing here that need to be cared for, not trampled on. I did let her know he could come Monday and we’d try it, but if it was a problem Monday she’d know by about 9:30, as that’s nap time here and I’m not dealing with that while trying to get little ones down for naps. Crabby kids on top of that child….. ooooofta!! Anyhow…. I’m curious how you’d react? Would you have disciplined? Would you have stepped back and let me do it? What would you do???

Oooh and when I talked to her today she said he acted like that because he was in a new place. I didn’t say this, but I wanted to… I’m scared to know what he’s like when he HAS been in a place for a while! Then told me how at his old daycare the kids were separated. I didn’t care if she was smart enough to figure this out, but I told her anyway… There’s only ONE of me here, I can’t separate them. And she told me he knows at the other place that when he’s inside he’s calm and plays nicely and when it’s outdoor time he can run all he wants. Well then…. why the hell did he act like he was outside when he was inside here last night?? Anyway….. just curious about how you all would have handled that.


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4 Responses to “what would you do?”

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Hmm… Not certain how I would have handled demon spawn tearing apart my home… I’m guessing, just from first impressions, that she isn’t very involved in parenting and that you’ll be calling her by 9:30 on Friday.

And since I’m a working mom, I can tell you that my child would not be allowed to act that way in someone’s home – child care provider or not. I’ve talked to several friends with home-based businesses, though, and many parents don’t discipline their children if they bring them with and the child acts like a terrorist. It is very sad…

Meant to say Monday…

Yeah, I would have disciplined him, and then told the mom that I wasn’t able to take him on. He would take days (weeks?) of training, and with babies you just don’t have that kind of time. You’re obviously NOT running a big daycare program where you can separate all the kids.

I wouldn’t take that kid on. I would have given him boundaries right away. I hardly have enough patience for my own children let alone a psycho child.

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