baby car-seat review

Posted on 17 February 2008. Filed under: baby, car seat |

I finally made a decision as to which car-seat to buy. Evenflo Triumph DLX Convertible Car Seat. I’m not thrilled with my purchase and wished I would have waited to buy in a store where I could have looked, felt, tried it out, etc. After a week of tripping over the box trying to decide if I wanted to ship it back and start looking again I said forget it (or something along those lines – I won’t type what I really said) and got it all adjusted and ready to go. It’s a nice seat, it was rated good from what I read but the key items I wanted by going with this brand were not there. Which left me just plain pissed off. I originally chose to look at Evenflo because the little girl I babysit has an Evenflo car-seat in my car and I love it. It’s comfy, had the flat bottom so there were no ugly yucky marks on my leather seats, had a nice cushion behind the buckle thing so that wasn’t digging into babies tummy’s, had a nice back cushion so there weren’t little things poking her in the back. It was just an awesome seat for a decent price. Anyway….. after saying that I’m sure you can guess what my complaints are. The one I ordered has the crappy bottom, we have a mat on the seat so hopefully that’ll help a bit, and that was my biggest reason for choosing the Evenflo brand. I was thinking that’s just how they made the bottoms and they’d all be like that. Wrong. 😦 Also, there’s no nice padding behind the buckle, maybe we can come up with something to fix that. Although I’ll say right now, we’ve been thinking of things to do to fix what we don’t like and it pisses me off to think I spent 140 bucks and I’m fixing problems. But whatever, I’m stuck now, because I got pissed after tripping on the box for a week 🙂 Attitude! hehe Also, the back doesn’t seem to be padded well. It’s nice and padded with all the inserts on, but after little guy grows to big for those, well then…. it’s shitty padding back there. Anyhow…. just not impressed with the seat for those reasons. Overall, it’s a good seat, and I’m sure it’s pretty comfy (and hopefully over time it’ll all get softer and those seams won’t seem so hard). I had to add a blanket under the front to make it sit right, but that’s just our seats. Need that damn mini-van 🙂 I’m just saying that cuz a friend has the van I wanted and I saw two convertible car-seats in her vehicle and they fit so awesome and the kids loved them because they were all nice and reclined. Our seat is reclined but because of our seats, it’s not actually reclined. We have to recline the car seat to get it to sit straight up. That’s where the blanket comes in I guess – it definitely helped that out. Anyhow… that’s my car seat review 🙂 Oh, one more thing because I just checked the link to make sure it worked… it appears to be brown/taupe/tan (whatever you call it) and it’s more green.


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We went with the Cosco brands (for the step-up from the infant car seat), and so far, we are pretty pleased.

The Hubby is Mr. Safety (seriously – he has teaches safety issues as part of his job, as well as leads the safety team), and we’re happy with how it wraps around Little Dude and the belt configuration.

If you decide to exchange them, we recommend the brand. Price tags run about $40-60 on the Cosco ones.

Ok that totally sucks. I hate when you do all of the research and think you have it all figured out only to find out you don’t once it arrives. BOOOOO!!! Hope it all ends up working out for you. We too have that little mat thingy under ours so the seats won’t dent. No clue if it’s working yet or not!

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