8 Months

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8 months is a long time right? Just say yes and make me feel a little better. I’m completely torn over the decision to quit breastfeeding. I guess if I wanted to make myself feel better I could blame the pharmacist or the dentist or maybe the doctor. A few days back I went to the dentist in extreme pain. I am grinding so hard on my teeth that I’m killing one in the back. I have two different guards to wear to avoid this day and night. The night one works (even better now since having everything adjusted), the day one sucks. I spend so much time playing with it that my jaw is tired and my teeth hurt worse. So I haven’t been wearing that one much. He prescribed me some meds to help get rid of the inflammation around my teeth. I asked there if I could take it while breastfeeding and he said he thought so but check with the pharmacist for sure. He wasn’t 100% sure. I don’t think anybody is 100% sure. Which means I should have been smarter and just not used it and avoided the whole problem. I could have tried something else for my teeth. So the pharmacist checked around and said it’d enter the breast milk but shouldn’t have any effects on baby. Still a little uneasy about it I called my ob/gyn. They weren’t happy about my being on the meds (I wish they would have just said hell no) but said there must have been a good reason for him prescribing it and said to go ahead with it, repeating what the pharmacist had said… it would enter the breast milk but shouldn’t affect baby. But they did say to watch him and if I saw anything I didn’t like… well find out then what to do, it was meds I couldn’t just quit taking. I had to wean myself off from day 1 and not miss any and all that fun stuff. Day 1 was good. Day 2 baby was crabby and puked all over and wasn’t sleeping worth a shit and had a fever. I panicked and said no more breast milk right now and then later made the decision to just quit entirely. I feel like total crap, he took the bottle like you’d never believe. Which is good I guess, there was no fighting. The first night I pumped a little tiny bit just to relieve myself as I started this not fun journey of letting my milk dry up. I bawled my eyes out while I pumped and then dumped. What a horrible feeling. I seriously felt like I was dumping part of me and baby away. It’s been such an awesome bond for the last 8 months and it’s really got me down knowing that I’m done now. I kept expecting baby to miss me and want a boob, thinking maybe just knowing that would make me feel a little better. But for somebody who has refused a bottle for so long he took it hasn’t complained a bit. In fact he’s drank way more in the past few days than he was before. Maybe a growth spurt or maybe just hungry after being so sick. Who knows. It was weird that after he puked he was just done nursing. He didn’t fuss for a boob, he just took the bottle and drank the entire thing right away. I wonder if he was saying hey lady there’s something wrong with that stuff! Don’t feed me that! Which is what I keep thinking… which means I feel like a horrible Mommy having fed my baby bad milk and making him sick. We had 1 doctor tell us that it probably wasn’t me that made him sick, it was all maybe just a horrible coincidence. But I can’t get over the fact that I think I did and I feel horrible about it. So it’s bottle washing and formula buying for us now. Uggggg. And if anybody has any tips on drying up milk please send them my way. I’m in horrible pain.


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4 Responses to “8 Months”

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I know their are homeopahtic remedies for drying up milk…but I don’t know what they are off the top of my head. I will ask my mom, the witch doctor, and send you an email. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Probably just pumping the little bit off to help you feel better, but not very much should help decrease it. It’s a supply and demand thing, so yeah.

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, and at a time when you may not have chosen. 8 months is a LONG time. You should be SO PROUD that you were able to nurse this long.

I find that with feeding Kitten bottles it has allowed Rob to be part of the bonding experience. But when I’m feeling lonely and separated from her, I make sure that I give her the bottle and cuddle her up close like she would be nursing. It’s not the same, but it’s still nice. At night, you could always strip down to your bra and leave babe in his diaper so you get lots of that skin on skin goodness.

It’s sad to end your nursing relationship, but it is actually kind of liberating (after a bit). But I’ll tell you what our lactation consultant told me: More women get PPD AFTER they stop nursing than while they are nursing. So be very aware of how you are feeling and how you are acting, so if something seems off you can take care of yourself (this is coming from the Queen of Crazy, so you know. Grain of salt and all).

::hugs:: I’m so sorry that this isn’t what yo would have chosen, but don’t worry – baby won’t be scarred by it, and the fact that he took to a bottle? Means that he’s ok with it.

Eight months is a very long time. Your baby still loves you and hormones are screwy after you quit breastfeeding.

As for pumping and dumping, I’m the one who had the child with the undiagnosed milk protein allergy for six months. I did make him ill, because we (parents & doctors) had no idea. He gained weight too well and he didn’t have blood in his stool – the opposite of the classic signs for such an allergy.

My HUGE freezer supply of breast milk, the one I started right about a month after he was born? Tossed out. My ability to maintain my supply while staying away from any and all dairy proteins, lasted about two months. But my supply kept dwindling, and we had to add soy formula in. I fought it hard, but that was it.

After a point he was preferring the bottle.

You did good. You are fine. Baby is fine! Be proud and just know that you didn’t do anything wrong!

8 months is a long time!! Im proud of you for doing that!!!!!!!

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