now guess where

Posted on 4 March 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I am now at my kitchen table on a laptop with my wireless Internet. I never thought I’d see the day. You know what this means don’t you….. I get to blog more often. It’s too hard to be downstairs with baby, he likes it up here with all his toys. And when the daycare kids are here I can get the babies down to nap and sneak on here for a few minutes while the older kid(s) play. I got the password to the computer my son had…. it was the old “girlfriends” name. Geesh, how could I forget 🙂

So something today really made my day. I of course have been feeling all down since I’m not nursing. Baby has been so dang crabby for so long. Maybe he’s missing me a little bit, but taking the bottle anyway. The only way I’ve been able to calm him down and go to sleep for nap time is to wrap the blanket around him the same way I did when I’d nurse him and then I hold him really close (just like I would nurse him) and sneak the bottle in there. 3 times today it worked and a couple times yesterday it worked. It made me feel good that he must know Momma’s touch and likes me to hold him like that. It is, after-all, what he’s known for 8 months.

I told my oldest I had a surprise when he got home. He’s been waiting for so long to have Internet back on his computer. I had to sneak his dongle to have my Internet out here but maybe I can get my own now. That’s a funny word. Dongle. hehe I’ve been thinking of ways to tell him or surprise him. I think I’ll make sure he’s logged into MSN and then I’ll sneak downstairs and start a conversation with him. That is… if he doesn’t see the dongle hanging out of the front of his computer first.

I best get a few more things done. So far today I’ve done loads of laundry, painted the ceiling (because we completely forgot to paint the hallway ceiling last night), spent about an hour working on the wireless connection (which now works – hooray!), made some stew and a few other little things.


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Girl, you are so productive during the day, Im jealous!!!!

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