way too much drama

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Kids are growing up way too fast. There’s so much dang drama in the 3rd grade I can’t keep track of it all anymore. Everyday so and so is mad at so and so because they said this or did that. And so and so is upset because so and so is “dating” so and so and so and so had a crush on them. So now they are going around the school saying this and that because they are upset about all of that. Whew! Anybody lost yet? And then it got better because so and so was chasing so and so and that meant that person had a crush on them which once again made so and so mad because they are just friends and nobody can figure out why that’d make them mad. And then I thought “Hey, it’s just like real life! I don’t want so and so chasing my man! Or taking him over by the fence and talking to him and not letting me know what’s up! hahahahah” In the 3rd grade I was still crying when my Mommy left me 🙂 And I think I was swinging and singing 2..4..6..8..Who do we appreciate..(someones name!) (someones name) Or maybe doing some hand clap chant thingy – whatever you call it. Whatever the case… I was probably scared of boys still. I know I was scared of having my name on the board. I remember at the end of the year a boy in my class begged the teacher to write my name on the board and put some checks behind it just to see what it looked like. She didn’t and it’s probably a good thing, I probably would have freaked out. I remember getting in trouble for using too many Kleenex because I had a bloody nose and it still haunts me to this day. However…. I HAVE to use 2 tissues when I blow my nose, so I still use too many maybe 🙂 hehe Wow I got a little off track….. back to all that drama. I didn’t realize there was so much going on at school. And if it’s all starting now it’s going to be a long time before it ends. I keep telling my son they are all way too young to worry about girlfriends and boyfriends and dating. They still have some top secret clubs and such but that doesn’t come up as much. But you know…. it is top secret…. duh Mom. 🙂

We are getting our carpet today! Hooray!! It’s been a long wait, walking around on yucky splintery wood floors and then sub-floor. It’ll soon be all pretty. It was a bad day to have carpet put down. With 3 babies and a 5 year old….. yeah….. won’t try that again. It was the only day they could do it, so I had to take what I could get. Thank goodness Daddy came home to help, I pretty much would have lost it by now. I thought for sure they could lay the carpet with a couple pieces of furniture in the room, but they wanted it all out. Our house isn’t big enough to just shove the couch into another room. So after squeezing our table back together and moving the kitchen stuff we were able to slide it in the kitchen. Which is where I planned on keeping the kids until they were done. But it’s a good thing I didn’t try that anyway because it’s been 4 hours now and they are gone and still not done. Having all 5 of us stuck in the kitchen would make me lose it for sure.

Speaking of kitchens I’ve decided if I ever get another house (maybe someday a bigger house) it’s just going to be one gigantic kitchen. No joke… that’s where everybody ends up anyway. The kids could have the whole house to play and they’d be in the kitchen 99% of the time. I have it all worked out. They have those refrigerators with the TV’s in them now, I can make the washer and dryer part of my cabinets (they could be hidden and look like cabinets), we can have a table that has benches instead of chairs (that’ll be our couch) and seriously what else do we need? It’s the perfect plan 🙂 I’ll have tons to do and the kids will have all their toys packed into the kitchen like always. Or I just need a great big huge studio apartment.

See what happens when I get wireless Internet, I can sit here and type and type and type until I drive all you crazy telling all my stories so I feel like I have someone to talk to. I best get something made for lunch, which isn’t going to be fun because there’s a couch in my kitchen, along with an entertainment center and all the toys and everything is shoved in here. I’m not sure I can even get to the stove, so it may be PB&J today.


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4 Responses to “way too much drama”

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We played Stella-ella-olla. And we chased boys and had boys chase us, trying to kiss us. Too much fun. However, I don’t remember any “boyfriends” per se until grade 5 or 6.

Kitchens are definitely the most important part of the home!

I’m curious what Stella-ella-olla is.

PB&J is good, so no one will miss the stove!

Yes, the drama starts early these days. Blows my mind.

Like you, I don’t remember boyfriends (or the whole playground/classroom drama) being a part of the everyday equation in third grade.

Yeay for new carpets tho! 🙂

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