no more fan

Posted on 10 March 2008. Filed under: baby, breastfeeding, daycare, SAHM |

I was just thinking of another change we’ve had. We no longer have to put baby to sleep with the bathroom fan. It used to be, we’d feed him and then sit and rock in the bathroom with the fan or heater on until he was asleep and then tip toe to his room and try to lay him down. It didn’t work very often on the first try. It usually took 2 or 3 or 15 tries before he’d be asleep. However, after seeing how much he’s drinking now with bottles instead of nursing, I wonder if he wasn’t starving and that’s why he cried and only slept with the fan and us rocking him. If I remember right I had that happen as a baby. So far I’ve copied Gramma in two ways…. I MAYBE (I’m not positive – could be he’s just getting older and sleeping better) wasn’t getting him enough food and I think he may have turned a tiny bit orange for a while because he loves those Yams 🙂 Yes I turned orange as a baby. For me it was the squash. Too funny. It sure is nice now though not having to put him to sleep with the bathroom fan and doing all that tip toeing around and it taking hours to get him to sleep. It’s much faster now… bath, bottle, bed. He’s not doing too bad about waking in the night. It’s still normally 2 times a night. Sometimes he drinks an entire bottle, sometimes he sucks on it just a bit and falls back asleep.

Still working on this milk drying up. What a horrible time. I’m sure I’ll be much happier when this is over. It’s so hard to hold baby when you’re feeling so miserable. Every-time he hits me it about sends me through the roof. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’m beyond happy that I got to have the experience with baby and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I do know that my diet is so much crappier now that I’m not nursing. Must be going back to old habits – eating like crap. Now that I don’t have to worry about what I’m giving baby, I can eat (or not eat) whatever I want.

Baby is “talking” so much these days. He talks a lot, probably the most, while he’s eating. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense huh. He sits and says momma momma. I’m sure he doesn’t know what he’s saying, but I’ll take it. It sure makes my day to hear him say it over and over.

He’s also starting to stand. He loves it. He crawls up on us and then lets go and gets all excited, clapping his hands or laughing. He’s walking around things all the time. Grabs chairs from the kitchen table and pushes those around the kitchen and uses his walker thingy in the living room. Today he was using his train to walk with but it wasn’t working too well for him since it’s way too short for him to stand with. He was bent over pushing it, it was too cute. He’d stop sometimes and reach in to make it sing again and then keep pushing it. I wish I knew what all they actually KNEW! Sometimes the things he does makes me think he really does know what’s going on. Silly boys.

We actually had company yesterday! Yeah I have friends in real life! haha Okay so I haven’t seen them since Halloween!!!! But hey at least we got to see each other today. Schedules are so busy and we just can’t ever make it work on the weekends to get together. Kinda like we were supposed to be trading supper/game nights at each others houses with another family…. that hasn’t worked either. But that’s partly due to the fact that she’s worked on the weekends. But since we have no planes anymore in this town, maybe until July, she won’t be working. Anyway… we got to see our friends baby and wowsa! He’s much bigger than our baby and he’s only 4 1/2 months about, baby here is 8 months. He was a cute thing though. He’s so happy. He always looks like he has a smile on his face. And he has a REAL head of hair! I’m talking thick long big boy hair. You’d never know he was 4 1/2 months if you just saw him sleeping.

I better end this and get ready for the kids to get here. I had a dream last night that some lady kept bringing me kids. I’d ended up with like 5 – 2 1/2 year olds, a BUNCH of babies, and a bunch of other kids. I kept telling her I didn’t have room and she just kept bringing them. It was more of a nightmare! I switched one of my kids around since Grandma watches her the other days so I could have a free day this week to get my stuff done since Daddy is gone to a class for work. I can’t call him and have him stop to do errands quick like after work or at lunch. HUGS TO ALL 🙂


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Hey there!!! Don’t you love watching them walk and try to figure out their balance?!?!?!
Aubree has started loving stairs too, ARGH! Not only are our older children growing up to fast…but geez–8 month olds walking and crawling up stairs?!?!?! Help!!!
You are QUITE a woman, watching all of those kids… hat is off to you!!!

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