oops slept in

Posted on 14 March 2008. Filed under: 9 year olds, baby, baby products, Everyday Life, family |

Sleeping in is perhaps the best way to completely ruin my day. I’d been up far too much with baby in the night and I was completely exhausted. I guess I shut my alarms off, ALL 3 of them!, and went back to sleepy sleepy land. I was really liking it there. I flew out of bed an hour late and woke my son up freaking out that he would be late for school and the kids would be here soon. It just sends me into a frenzy and I can’t seem to ever settle down the rest of the day. Thank goodness I’d taken a bath last night in an effort to work on my stupid plugged duct, so I was able to wash my hair in the sink and wash my face and perk myself up a little bit. The kids got here and I knew it was just going to be a stressful irritating day. And so far it has. Only a few hours left though. Next on the list of things to make the day better….. dropping bread in between the un-finished wall in the kitchen. So after tearing the counter off and the cabinet out, the bread has been saved and the kitchen is well…. tore apart. Oops. I’m full of oopses today.

In baby news….. he’s had a little rash above his little dink. I was thinking it was just a normal diaper rash, which would be weird for him, 8 months without any, but then today his sac turned BRIGHT red. I talked to the nurse and she said to quit using the A+D I’ve been using, try something else and see if it all clears up. It doesn’t appear to be bothering him, he’s not fevery, not grabbing for it so she said to see how something different does. Maybe just can’t use A+D on him.

In brother new….. never turn your 9 year old loose in the kitchen with ingredients to make play dough and a kitchen aid mixer. Nothing major, but ugg what a mess and that’s NOT play dough he made. It appears to be…. well…. I seriously can’t even think of what to describe it as. Last I saw it he was describing it as moon sand, but then he started saying hmmmm wonder what happens if I add this or maybe this or maybe some more of this. I surprisingly let him find out. We now have two bags of green stuff sitting on the counter, one of which is oozing out onto the counter I just noticed. Gross. And he thought he was going to eat this stuff!

In Daddy news…. he’s sitting in like 90 degree weather and I’m sitting in, well my house duh, but outside temp is about 34 degrees. That’s so not fair. He’s away for work AND on his way home he has a 30 hour layover that just so happens to be in the town my Brother and Zia live in. That’s really not fair.

btw…. The kitchen really isn’t tore apart, but I do need to find a way to get that bread out. 🙂


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Ugh, plugged ducts are the worst!!!! If you have a breast pump it’s the easiest way to get it out. I just massaged mine until all the milk came out

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