how do you do it?

Posted on 18 March 2008. Filed under: daycare, Everyday Life |

So this whole having wireless Internet obviously isn’t keeping me going with posting. I usually have to fight to get 5 minutes on the computer with my 5 year old daycare kid here. He’s a little bored with all the little kids here. Can’t say I blame him, what 5 year old wants to play with a 9, 15 and 18 month old all day? So yeah, he tends to takeover the computer and play games on-line. I’ll soon have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 year old added to my crew. I had a meeting with a parent last night to discuss her child coming here (the 3 year old) and I really liked her. She’s a single parent and just from listening to her she works really hard. She had a lot of the same ideas that I do and when you have their kids in daycare it really helps out to know they are getting attention and discipline at home. He sounds like a rambunctious little guy, but he’s 3 so it’s not like that’s really all that shocking. I was just thinking…. 3 of my parents work at the hospital, my name obviously made it’s way around there. Hopefully in a good way 🙂 Couldn’t have been too horrible, they all picked me!

I was just thinking….. I wish there really was a way to reformat my brain. Probably not the best title for my blog, but I guess it’s like a little dream. I should have maybe named this thing…. bottling it up or something like that. I keep everything bottled up and I DO NOT know how to let it go. How do you let things go? How do you get over being lied to? Disrespected? Or the fact that things are really never going to change? I suppose there is no easy answer to all that. It’s like asking an organized person how they stay so organized when you are the most unorganized person ever. Or a person who’s wound tight asking how to be really laid back. Is it all kinda the same thing?

All my kids are gone for the day, it’s time to really kick my butt into gear and get some stuff done while baby is sleeping. My oldest is home resting. He’s got a nasty cough and I kept him home today to pump him full of medicine and let him sleep which he’s done almost all day now. After baby wakes I have a few errands to run. Always something to be done. HUGS TO ALL 🙂


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Sounds like you definitely have your hands full with the kids… Hopefully you get some downtime, too!

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