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Conversations with kids can sometimes be very amusing. My son is quite the smart kid, sometimes though he’s pretty certain he knows everything and he might be a little wrong which usually ends up being pretty darn funny. Such as….. our conversation this morning….. He’s been sick with a fever and cough. I’ve kept him home from school since the other night he was coughing so hard he threw up. So this morning it went like this….

Mom: (wakes him up) How do you feel?
Son: Eh Okay.
Mom: Think you can go to school today?
Son: I think so. (as he coughs up what’s left of his lungs)
Mom: Well I think you should shower and see how you feel.
Son: (heads for shower)

Mom: Feel better after shower?
Son: (cough, cough, cough) No not really.
Mom: I think I’ll take your temp, do you think you have a fever?
Son: I don’t think so…. if anything it’s probably about 91.
Mom: Well, okay then, get dressed and we’ll head to the hospital because I’m pretty sure you’re dying. (said all calm cool and collected)
Son: (weird look on face) Huh?
Mom: Yeah, your body temperature should be about 98.6 so if it’s down to 91 I’m pretty sure you should see a doctor.
Son: Ooooooh (grins)

So I kept him home again, now he’ll have the Easter weekend to rest up and hopefully kick this thing. Baby is getting sick too now, he was coughing like crazy this morning. Pretty much the whole town has been sick for months now, nobody can get rid of this crap.

Yesterday we had an extra daycare kid here, just a drop off because his normal daycare lady was gone for a day. He was a great kid, seemed to be a smart little guy. He was 19 months old and my little 18 month old I always watch was having a hard time with him being here. He’s terrible at sharing and wasn’t used to someone else his age being here. All in all it was well. A little tricky at nap time as I only have 2 playpens (and a tiny house) which meant one kid was going to have to camp out on the floor. My regular 18 month old did, but didn’t get a very good nap.

We had a visit from a parent a couple days ago and my 5 year old I babysit made this a VERY entertaining visit. He knows the rules here and is very good about following them. He also wants to make sure everybody else follows them. When the parent got here I asked her to please take her shoes off. She left her little guys shoes on which I didn’t think anything of, figured he’d be sitting with her as he didn’t seem to want down to bad. So the conversation went like this….

5 year old: Are those shoes dirty? (pointing at the little boys shoes)
Parent: I don’t think so, he didn’t walk in with them.
5 year old: Well I think they are. You’re going to have to take those off.
Parent: (takes little boys shoes off, sets them beside her on the floor)
5 year old: (picks shoes up) There’s mud on these! This is brand new carpet!
Parent: I don’t think there’s mud.
5 year old: Yeah there is, see this! (shows her the shoe) These are going to have to go into the porch. (opens door, THROWS shoes onto porch)
Me: (dying on the inside from laughter – wondering if she’s thinking we’re horrible – glad that I’ve taught my daycare kids well)

He did a similar thing with the little boys juice cup also. Told her this is all new in here, we don’t have cups out here and took it to the kitchen.

It’s days like that that I love having the kids here with me. They provide me some entertainment for my dull boring life.

We watched Enchanted last night. The kids and I are going to watch it later today since I fell asleep last night for it. What I saw of it, it was a very cute show, I can’t wait to see the rest.

This is beginning to be a very long post, I best get busy 🙂 HUGS TO ALL


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That is too cute about the dirty shoes!!!!

Thanks for that story about the shoes.

Everybody should remove their shoes at the door. I dedicated an whole blog to this subject. You might want to take a look.

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