on the road to recovery

Posted on 22 March 2008. Filed under: 9 year olds, baby, doctors appt, hospital, sick |

It’s been a yucky sick week, two weeks, three weeks, however long…. a LONG time I know that. I just took my boys to the ER. And let me tell you… it’s the place to be with this cough crap that’s going around. We were there, there were two other kids there, couple more on their way in and two more on the phone. All kids sick with this same crap. It’s horrible, just can’t do anything about the cough and they are all coughing until they throw up, including my oldest. Since I baby sit for a nurse she’s been keeping up on my boys and letting me know what to do. Pretty much pointing us in the right direction. She said we’d probably end up in ER and we did. We went yesterday to see a nurse prac. which was the only place we could get in. According to my daycare Mom and the doctor we saw today that was all a waste of our time. She looked at both boys and did nothing for them. Told me to go get this and that from the store. While we were there baby had a fever and she said it was nothing more than teething, which I didn’t agree with but there was no telling her different. She just knew that’s all it was, even though he was hackin’ up a lung while we were there. So whatever, we tried more meds for my oldest and nothing was working. The poor kid was sitting at the table begging me to just take him to the hospital and get him a room. I think he was thinking that would be a miracle bed and just because he was there he’d be better. Anyway….. that brings us (in a very quick story way) to the ER tonight. I told the doctor about all the crap that’s been going on, cough, fever, nose, puking, etc. Told him about going to nurse yesterday and that my daycare Mom (aka Nurse) said she didn’t agree with them getting no meds and really thought they should have something. Told him she’d been keeping tabs on them. Also told him about baby having fever and nurse saying it was only due to teething. He was upset about all this and couldn’t believe she sent me to the store to buy more meds when she KNEW they wouldn’t stop the cough. I later found out from my daycare Mom that the doctor does NOT like that nurse at all. I was thinking…. great and I just gave him all the more reason to not like her. Oh well. This doctor has the worst bedside manners but I think he does a good job otherwise. So he sent both boys home with some meds that will help stop the cough and will also help them sleep. Hopefully my poor boys can get some relief.


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This cough stuff is the worst! I’m on my 3rd week of coughing and finally starting to get better.

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