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Posted on 1 April 2008. Filed under: 9 year olds, daycare, Everyday Life, family, sick |

This morning I was telling my brother that phones will soon be not needed. Between Twitter, IM, E-Mail, Blogs, Text and whatever else you can think of it’s kinda eliminating the need to call and say “What are you doing? How are you doing? How are the kids? How’s the family? etc.” Now take someone like me, I can find plenty to talk about on the phone still 🙂 But seriously do you think all this fun stuff keeps us all off the phone a little bit?

This morning my son said to me “Isn’t this true… girls are better than boys?” “Yep!” haha “Because if there weren’t girls then there would be no boys.” I was thinking to myself… Yeah but if there weren’t girls AND boys then there’d be no more boys OR girls. But yeah I didn’t go there with him. I just let him believe that girls are truly better than boys.

This day is already starting off crazy. I had a parent call this morning and say “You remembered the boys were coming today didn’t you?” “Uuuuh no, you said they were MAYBE yesterday but then they didn’t have to come so we said we’d see each other Wednesday.” She totally disagreed. But the boys still came today. I was SO glad when she got here she apologized and said she’d gone through her texts and she had only asked me about yesterday. And the crappier part about this…. her kids are sick and my kids are just working on getting better and now we’ll probably start this shit all over again. She’s not one of those parents who keep their kids and yuckies home for a couple days to get better. So this means her two kids will get all of us sick again here and guess who gets to deal with it. ME! Arg. My other parent today is NOT going to be happy. 😦 She’s a parent who’ll keep her kids at home to get better and cuddle them and love them and send them to daycare when they are better and not going to get everybody else sick. All those yuckies come with having your kids in daycare, but this is why our entire town has been sick for so long I’d say.


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3 Responses to “a little bit of everything”

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I hardly ever talk on the phone any more outside of work. I’m all about email and txting!

I know I like to e-mail and text because I don’t have time to talk on the phone. With the other options now I can sent my message quick and I’m done. I don’t have to get stuck on the phone for half an hour.

Most daycare/child care settings won’t take kids when they are sick for this reason, so if my son is sick, I’m home with him. That is truly the way I would prefer it, though…

I will be on the side of your parent who stays home with her sick kids.

Phones will be needed – just to let everyone know you twittered, IMed, posted, etc., because they haven’t looked at their devices. 😉

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