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Posted on 1 April 2008. Filed under: baby |

We are going through a do it myself stage with baby apparently. I’m having the hardest time getting him to eat, unless it’s Cheerios or crunchies that he can eat himself. I was able to get him to eat a pear this morning and then tonight I got him to eat a partial meal but I had to hold him the entire time. Pathetic.

He also wants nothing to do with a sippy cup. We’ve bought about 1 of every kind thinking he just hadn’t found the cup he liked, but none of them are working. I’ve been giving him drinks from a regular cup and he thinks that is pretty neat. He sits in the bathtub filling a cup and drinking from it. He’ll even test it sometimes like he does with his bottle. So maybe we’re not going to do the whole sippy cup thing and just go to a cup.

He’s also giving High Fives! How flippin adorable – I love it!

We played roll the ball back and forth 50 million times today. And all the babies wanted to play so I had 3 balls coming at me that I had to roll back. We also played Duck Duck Goose, or as I call it… Deer Deer Moose at the end of the day today. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see that the kids knew how to play simple games like that. I remember when I first started this daycare venture I had three kids who didn’t have a clue what duck duck goose was, nor did they know how to do puzzles, play I spy or any other simple fun kid games. So frustrating.

Baby is also being a HUGE Momma’s boy during the day. I’m talking if I get 2 feet away he’s whining and crawling back to me and climbs up on me. He’ll stand below me if I’m not holding him and just whine and whine until I pick him up. Do you know how hard it is to help 4 other kids while holding him all day. Ugggg I’m tired. He seemed like he was doing so good and now he’s just gotten horrible about it. I’m so glad he loves me 🙂

I hear my bed calling me – HUGS TO ALL!


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3 Responses to “baby stuff”

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He just wants to grow up too quickly!

oh my goodness! I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast!

My neighbour’s kid refuses the sippy cup as well… and he’s 18 months. He also won’t let go of his bottle, so she’s incredibly frustrated (she really wants to ween him off the bottle, but he won’t take anything else).

Your little tike is growing up so fast! I really need to post about what Kitten is doing these days. Hmm… Maybe I’ll do that.

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