9 Month Well Baby Appt.

Posted on 7 April 2008. Filed under: baby, diet, doctors appt, walking, weight |

We just had baby’s 9 Month Well Baby Check-Up. Everything went well, baby weighs 18 lbs and is in the 12%tile and is 29-1/2″ tall and is in the 85%tile for height. He screamed his bloody brains out every time the doctor even looked at him 😦 Poor doc, I told him not to take it personal, this is typical for my baby. He was very impressed when he walked in and baby was standing in the middle of the room just looking around. I told him he stands very good and even takes a few steps. He watched baby walk around the toys and chairs in the room and said it looks like he’s a little ahead for his age. That was a nice thing to hear. Makes for a lovely proud Mommy moment 🙂 I had to pack up the daycare kids and take them with me – that was NOT fun. I didn’t have the car ready so I packed them out and then had to get car seats in and seat put back together and after about a half hour process of putting the car together and trying to keep kids together and pulling half my head of hair out I finished up and we were on the road. The boys’ Mom was the nurse so it was good and bad. The bad… her littlest one didn’t want to leave when it was time, her oldest was like I’m outta here! I’m going with her! The good… she took the kids so I could talk to doctor and not deal with extras. And then she also helped me pack the kids back to the car when it was time to go. And I just called back because I forgot to make our new appointment with the craziness of the kids. A doctor’s appointment ON your birthday – that just doesn’t quite seem fair. Anyway…. baby is doing great. HUGS TO ALL!

Baby’s face lately, and we’re trying to get a picture of it but not having much luck, is the cutest. He scrunches his nose and squints his eyes when he smiles and/or laughs when you’re being silly with him or he’s just being silly.

He’s working so hard on walking, how scary. He’s taking a few steps between us. Sometimes Daddy will get him excited to walk by sticking a toy in the top of his shirt or his shirt pocket. Baby will walk over to get it and want him to hand it to him and then baby will want to put it back in his pocket. Excellent, he’s already putting stuff where he found it! haha How long will that last?! 🙂 He sitting here eating Cheerios with me, he’s VERY good at sharing them. Although he seems to want to share with Daddy more than me when it comes to Cheerios. Saving Mommy the calories 🙂 hehe

Other than that…. it’s the same shit different day here. It’s pretty routine around here. I’m IMPATIENTLY awaiting the nice weather still. It feels like it’s never going to be nice enough for us to start walking at nights. I’m ready to put some miles on that stroller and my shoes! I bought a new exercise DVD and a 5 lb weight ball the other day. The DVD sucked so I’m selling it. I need something more up beat – I’d fall asleep doing those moves. Need to drag out my Tae Bo DVD again- that keeps me going for a while, however I get bored soon after because I don’t want to do it by myself all the time, that’s boring.

We also bought a light-weight stroller that we can throw in the car. Our stroller is so big and heavy and doesn’t fit in the car if we plan on going shopping or have all the kids in the car. Anyway…. I was excited to try it out the other day, but we ended up not going out of town like we thought so I’m still waiting a fun trip to try it out.

Okay I’m really going now – CIAO!


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3 Responses to “9 Month Well Baby Appt.”

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Boy, that sure works out nice that one of the moms works at your doctor’s office! Other wise, can you imagine the trouble you might have had? LOL

My husband walked at 9 months old. I get such a giggle out of the fact your baby skipped crawling! Its like he knew it was a waste of time! Ha ha ha!!!

Glad that you had a good appointment and all is well!

Holy cow. I’m kinda glad Ikey’s not taking steps yet. But it’ll sure be fun to see him running around with Silas. It always feels good when your baby is “advanced” thought :).

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