are you kidding me!

Posted on 9 April 2008. Filed under: baby, daycare |

Okay that was not the way to start the morning…. a parent tattling. It’s the Mom of my 3 year old little guy here. He said one of the other kids (the 5 year old) was mean to him the other day. She informed me she DOES NOT want her son around mean kids. Well lady you better make the decision to stay home and never send him to daycare, then home-school him because it’ll be worse at school. This is the same little boy who doesn’t want to share with anybody AND who pushed MY baby down the other day and left a nasty mark above his eye. I took picture of it and had told her about it that day ONLY because when she got here and asked her son if he was good he said he wasn’t and he pushed the baby down and hurt him. I had told her it was fine, it happens, they’re kids, it wasn’t anything major, no blood, just some talking to him and some cuddling baby and everything was a-okay. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Her little guy was rather rambunctious the other day and my 5 year old was sitting quietly playing a game and the 3 year old was hanging off him and wouldn’t leave him alone. He was getting irritated and said he didn’t want him sitting by him because he was playing this game. They were being NORMAL kids, nobody said anything mean besides saying he didn’t want him by him at that time. The 5 year old has a little brother and that’s exactly what it was like…. an older brother saying “DUDE just leave me alone right now.” Anyway… it just pisses me off that she storms in here this morning telling me she doesn’t want her kid around MEAN kids. Nobody at this house is “mean”, they are ALL kids and act their age. That made me think of you Leah, saying you can’t hold being 18 months or 3 or 5 or whatever age they are against them. Off to work on the rest of the day. Baby is eating REALLY good right now. My 18 month old is helping me type. My 15 month old is eating also. 3 year old is playing and 5 year old is playing. It’s normal around here for the moment. Hurry! Somebody freeze time for me!! 🙂 HUGS TO ALL


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I just don’t know how you do it!!!!! You are one heck of a woman!!!

Oh wow. You have your hands full. I have a hard time keeping ONE child busy, let alone a bunch. You’re like Superwoman. But my guess is your cape is actually at the cleaners because the wee ones got a hold of it after eating . heehee.

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