cha cha cha cha changes

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Baby is getting into a different schedule, one I hope he sticks with because it’s pretty gosh darn nice. We don’t have an exact time to wake in the morning, it’s anywhere from 5:30 am to 8:00 am, weird that he could make it vary that much but whatever floats his boat. He eats breakfast around 7:30, which I started because I wanted to feed him before the daycare kids got here, makes it a lot easier. He’s usually eating a jar of baby food and a handful of crunchies or Cheerios. The little turd has decided that the store bought jarred baby food is better than Mommy’s 😦 Talk about break my heart. But he’s also eating more big boy food so once again… whatever floats his boat. He also ate about a quarter of a banana this morning. This means we are saving on formula finally. He’s not drinking a bottle right away in the morning, he waits until nap time. After eating all that breakfast he’s probably pretty full and only drinks about 3 oz. Nap varies from 1-2 hours. He wakes and plays some more then around noon or so he’ll eat some lunch, which lately is Acini de Pepe. His favorite!! With a little butter and tomato sauce, he’s fitting in very nicely in our little Italian family. hehe He also eats more crunchies or Cheerios because he likes to pick some food up on his own as we’ve been going through the do it myself stage. Although he’s been eating very good from the spoon letting Mommy feed him. He’ll sometimes have some pears or something else like that that I can cut up little for him. If he decided to give in and take one… nap time comes again around 3:00 pm. He’ll usually want a full 6 oz bottle at this time. This is usually a very short nap. I think he sleeps just enough to give him energy til bed time. He’ll eat supper around 6:00 which is whatever, sometimes a jar of baby food, sometimes his leftover pasta from lunch with odds and ends thrown in. Then off to the tub, then play time, then rock-a-bye time with another 6 oz bottle. He doesn’t seem like he’s drinking very much and I can’t get him to drink from a sippy cup still so I hope he doesn’t get dehydrated. I gave him his sippy cup this morning again, I give it to him while he’s eating in hopes he’ll get thirsty and realize it’s okay to get a drink from his cup. No such luck but I’ll keep giving it to him in hopes of it working soon.

He’s working on walking so much! Last night he walked from one corner of the couch to the other corner (we have a sectional). He didn’t want to crawl after that – he was determined to walk. That was a LOT of steps last night. And of course I was still searching for my battery charger for the video camera and missed all of it. It’s now found and charged and ready to go. Maybe tonight he’ll be ready again. The nurse (one of my daycare Mom’s) from our doctors office got to watch him walk last night. She was so shocked when I’d told her the other day at our appointment that he was working on walking. She said when her youngest started wanting to walk she kept sitting him down saying “Oh no not yet!” haha That’s what I’ll be thinking too probably AFTER he’s walking. IF he continues this he’ll be walking by 10 months probably – how crazy. He’ll keep me on my toes for sure.

Baby has the BESTEST!!!!! big brother ever. His big brother LOVES him so much and he LOVES his big brother tons!! He plays with him so good, not once has he not wanted him around or anything like that. Last night he put baby in the exersaucer and was whipping him around the kitchen and rocking the exersaucer like crazy. Baby laughed so hard. He then decided rocking in there was pretty cool and had that thing rocking all over. They then went to the box to play. Yesterday some of my daycare parents had cleaned toys out at their house and dropped off a HUGE box of toys (a big box like I could pack myself in the box for sure and have room leftover). They emptied that out and took turns closing each other in the box. Once again TONS more laughter!

Anybody have FUN weekend plans? I don’t know for sure what my plans are, but I’m guessing I’ll make a run for baby food and maybe possibly a new pair of jeans. I bought myself a couple new pair and THEN started a diet (WHAT AN IDIOT!!) and now need the next size down. Which is VERY awesome but seriously how retarded could I be to buy new jeans and then lose the weight. It’s Murphy’s Law right…. had I not bought the jeans I probably wouldn’t have lost any weight.

I best clean up around here while the babies are all sleeping. I’m SO lucky I can get them to nap together. HUGS TO ALL!


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Sounds like your baby is developing well! We just had our 15-month check-up, and all is well here, too!

Isn’t it great when they can start feeding themselves something – even if it is mostly dry cereal?

Ha, Aubree is a spaghetti nut too!!! I swear we are related!11 Glad to hear things are going good your way!!

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