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Did everybody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?! Holy shit man! The day started good… I showered, baby woke, Daddy went to work, baby ate breakfast and drank a 3 oz bottle. Then… the daycare kids arrived and all hell broke loose. My 5 year old was STILL upset from yesterday that I wouldn’t let him play Grand Theft Auto. Good thing Mom was here for the meltdown this morning. I explained to her that we’ve been fighting over this game for weeks now because I will NOT allow him to play it. I totally let her deal with the meltdown on that one and tell him he couldn’t play it. After some tears, hitting, kicking and begging we were over that one and on to the next child. The 18 month old. He seriously woke up pissy and Mom said he’d been horrible all morning even at home. He was hitting, kicking, throwing, laying on floor throwing tantrum, screaming, you name it. Mom finally got so pissed that she said Good Luck and walked out. Thanks. Thanks alot. I love it when people leave their kids with me like that. I tried getting him some breakfast, but he sat and dumped juice all over and then started smashing his cereal with his cup. Nice. &*!$ I hate this job. My little guy is just tired and upset because he wants to be held 24/7. Who spoiled that kid anyway!? 🙂 Not me. Not me always does shit around here! I can totally blame Not Me. So I went to the fridge to get drinks and what do I find behind that door…. the BRAND NEW – UNOPENED jug of milk spilling ALL over the fridge! You’ve got to be kidding me- this shit isn’t going to end today is it. It was dumping on the first shelf (of course the VERY top shelf as my luck would have it) then to the 2nd then to the 3rd, etc. Then I came back to my post on my blog and guess what… it was freakin gone! Gone I tell ya! All that was left… <p align=”justify”></p> That was IT!! Everything else gone! Autosave…. NOTHING! The babies are sleeping now, I’m going to find something for the 5 year old to do. After he SAT on his brother (the 18 month old) I turned his game off and won’t let him play right now. I totally understand he was sick of him climbing on him and not leaving him alone, but sitting on his head and not letting him up was NOT the right decision. I’m off to clean the fridge and start some more laundry. I have a cooking home party thingy tonight, I wonder if they’ll be serving Pina Colada’s……

UPDATE: It’s 10:18… I posted at 9:56 when baby went to sleep. He’s awake already. I didn’t get the fridge cleaned. I got laundry started in washer, some in dryer and one load folded. I’m hiring help – any takers?


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You poor thing! OMG what a horrible crappy day! This post is excellent birth control for me though. hehe.

Have a pina colada for me, too! Sorry you are having a bad day.

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