a first for mommy

Posted on 16 April 2008. Filed under: Mommy Time |

Mommy had a first last night. I actually left the house BY MYSELF! I know… crazy huh. I didn’t want to go, it was a little hard leaving baby. Yes I’m that pathetic. But wow am I glad I did. I went to a food type party and I can’t even begin to tell you how yummy the food was. The guacamole was so good I thought about asking everybody to take a scoop themselves and then I’d just take the rest of the bowl. I love that stuff! All the oils and spices to dip bread and the cheesecake dips and cream cheese dips… mmm mmm tasty. And the spaghetti sauce – wow. And the best part of all that… it’s preservative free! It’s all natural and good for us! Except that whole adding the cream cheese and sour cream and tomatoes… that’s what I didn’t quite understand. Yeah sure the seasonings are all natural but I have to mix them with something. 🙂 Not that I really cared last night – I was too busy enjoying food. Besides the food being good, the company of the ladies and some belly aching laughing was sure fun for a couple hours. After my day yesterday, it was even better. Turned out… the rep of the party had actually gotten my name a while back for daycare. So I had introduced myself at the beginning and then later told my friend she was supposed to be serving Pina Colada’s because I’d had the day from hell with the daycare kids. The lady said wait a minute what’s your last name. And then everything clicked. So after talking about the kids for a while and everything else in general she says to me… “you must be what… about 19?” Uuuuhhhhh I’d say thanks if I were like 40 and you said that! Then one of my daycare Mom’s brings me this brochure this morning for facial care stuff and some good diaper rash cream. I was like WOAH wait this is anti-aging stuff. I told her I needed some AGING facial products! haha

Off I go to continue my day. Yesterday I got laundry done and the bathroom scrubbed and I found my kitchen counters. Today I want to get my fridge cleaned out. Right now I’m busy listening to my 15 month old baby girl be pissy because she doesn’t want the boys playing by her. She doesn’t play well with other kids – she just stays away from everybody and doesn’t like it when they are in HER space. HUGS TO ALL


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4 Responses to “a first for mommy”

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19? You really don’t need anti-aging cream. In fact, it must be hard for moms to leave their kids with such a young hottie! 🙂

I should post a pic and ask people how old I look. Maybe I could invent a new show – 10 Years Older! 🙂 haha

Thanks daddy for giving mommy a break and letting her go have some time with ADULT friends!

Mommy says Thanks Daddy too 🙂

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