i have a climber

Posted on 24 April 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Does anybody else have babies that are climbers?! This kid is EVERYWHERE! We already took the walker away because he’d stand on it in the middle of the living room and shake it until it tipped over – luckily we caught him every time he was doing this. Then he realized it made an excellent ladder when pushed against the couch. Thus allowing him to climb onto the couch. I was already picturing him climbing up the back of the couch, over the half wall and onto the kitchen counters. I wasn’t expecting a 9 month old to be acting like this. I thought he’d still be a baby at this time – oh heck no, we are walking and climbing and getting sneaky. He loves to go behind the chair and then get the phone and sit behind the chair calling people, such as the OPERATOR all the time! I’ll hear this faint voice from behind the chair and it’s the damn operator! He’s getting sneakier about getting back there now though. He’ll crawl behind me, then sit and watch me for a while and when he THINKS I’m not watching him he’ll put his head down and crawl as fast as he can to get back there. He puts his head down when he’s crawling really fast – it’s hilarious. Last night he used a toy barn as a ladder to crawl up onto a wicker basket full of blankets and then stood on the basket to stand next to the tv. I’ll bet you’ll never guess what he’s currently doing. Using yet another toy to try to climb onto the couch. It’s this toy. Maybe he’s learning lots from my 15 and 18 month old daycare kids. I don’t know but holy crap this kid is all over!

It’s time to go start putting babies down for naps – THANK GOODNESS!! I thought this time would never come today! HUGS TO ALL


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6 Responses to “i have a climber”

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LOL my daughter was a climber too. When she got older she would shimmy up door frames all Mission Impossible style even. She didn’t stop climbing until she was about 10, so enjoy the ride! 🙂

He sounds like my brother & all I can say is GOOD LUCK!

Wow… you guys are scaring me

Kitten tries really hard to climb the stairs, but she’s really only been pulling up since Sunday. So I’m sure our time of having her climb everywhere will come.

Do you have kid gymnastics in your town? They might let you guys join up just because he’s so advanced. It would be a way to help him learn how to climb properly, and might assist in getting some of the wiggles out.

Kait: If they do I’m not packing up all 5 kids to go 🙂 Otherwise I’d LOVE to. My oldest did gymnastics for a while – he had such a blast. You are very right… maybe it’d get some of the wiggles out! We don’t have stairs baby can climb because that’s always gated, but he loves to climb the stairs at Gramma and Papa’s.

Little Dude started trying to climb everything early – pushing his toys over to stand/kneel on when necessary.

It is impossible for us some days, so good luck!

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