everything is a ladder

Posted on 1 May 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Baby is too quickly learning that anything and everything can be used as a ladder, including Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother. I kept thinking he was coming to give me some hugs and lovings, instead he’s just using me as a ladder to get onto the couch or chair. He uses the barn a lot to get onto my little wicker basket which gets him right next to the tv. He’s just everywhere. Yesterday he climbed up me, got onto the chair and then tried to climb across to the end table where the phone was, I imagine it was time to call the operator again for the millionth time or maybe he just wanted to dial #25025###00000555555522222 or something similar to that. I stopped him from crawling over to the table, but he saw some toys behind the chair so he wanted down. And he wanted there quickly so he put his arms straight above his head and pushed off with his feet and over the side of the chair he went. I saved him from hitting head first by grabbing one leg! TURD!! He laid on the floor on his back and just looked at me for a bit then laughed. If he only knew I’d just saved him from himself. He’s supposed to be a baby a while longer! I’m scared to think what a year could bring us! This all happened while he was 9 months old! ACK!!


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2 Responses to “everything is a ladder”

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yaaay hiii! 🙂 glad to hear from you 😀

You are going to be running like crazy after him… Little Dude likes to get a hold of cell phones, so he can begin downloading from the internet. We don’t have a phone plan that includes that use, so yes, it has been costly.

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