must get better

Posted on 5 May 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

For cryin out loud! I’ve been sick since Friday. Enough already. My body needs a break. My house needs cleaning! Seriously don’t leave the guys in charge…. it turns scary, next thing you know you live in a bachelor pad. ACK!! Okay so it’s not a complete bachelor pad, but it felt close to it, to me anyway. They let me do some resting, they cleaned the garage and even rented chick flicks for me!! And my guy even watched them with me!! The lady at the video store was thinking he was a bit crazy when he rented them but he told her I was home sick 🙂 We’ve watched a few movies lately which is unusual for me. Juno – I loved it – I cried. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Very cute show. Meet the Robinson’s – Excellent show. 27 Dresses – I fell asleep – want to watch it sometime. We have Into the Wild – hope to watch this tonight. I went to the doctor today as directed to do by my OB/Gyn. Part of the problem is my birth control, but then Friday all hell broke loose and I was way sicker than should be because of the pill. Anybody else taking/have taken Lybrel? Problems? Friday woke up pukin my guts out. And NO, I’m not pregnant. Everybody has asked that, I took a test, I’m not. Hell even Grandma asked that FIRST THING! Geesh. I had many other problems on top of pukin. And then to top it all off I got a head cold. Doctor did some blood work and I did learn that my thyroid is back to normal!! Yippee!! No more graves disease lurking in my body! Anyway… doc sent me home thinking that maybe this birth control problem (weird break-through bleeding for a month now) maybe has me so worn down that my body is just saying it’s going to be sick for a while due to blood loss. I had low blood pressue and a low/slow heart-rate. He also asked if I always looked like this… ummmm yeah I think so? He said I looked terrible overall and I looked too thin. I’m about 15 pounds lighter right now than I was before I got pregnant, he wasn’t to happy about that, said it’s not normal, didn’t seem right. But I was thinking… pfft what the heck does he know about weight 🙂 I feel great so I’m totally leaving that alone. Anyway… that’s a brief bit about me right now. HUGS TO ALL!!


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2 Responses to “must get better”

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I hope you’re feeling better soon, lady! I’ve never taken that pill, so I’ve got nothing to add. 😦

Get well soon!!!!

Wish I could help, but no birth control for me…..hubs is “fixed”!

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