update and waiting

Posted on 7 May 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Just updating to say I’m feeling much better. Still have a head cold but even that’s much better. When I still wasn’t better a couple days ago one of my daycare Mom’s (who’s a nurse) tattled on me to my doctor. I didn’t call them and tell them I was still sick, I was certain it’d pass. But apparently she was beginning to think it may not so I now am on some meds. I also get to start back on THE pill tomorrow.

I’m waiting for my flickr video’s to finish loading…. they are taking FOREVER.

I made apple cookies for my son to take to school tomorrow as they are studying Johnny Appleseed and can bring any sort of apple treat. I wasn’t to thrilled with them, but it was a new recipe and I only had tonight so there ya go.

These days baby is…
…holding the phone to his ear and talking
…he points at everything which is so flippin adorable, his little teeny tiny finger pointing at what he wants.
…walks everywhere, crawling is becoming a thing of the past, he still likes to crawl when he wants to get somewhere super fast. usually when he’s trying to sneak into the bedrooms or bathroom.
…eating more and more big boy food, he’d probably be doing better with this but I’m such a chicken about what I give him. his latest fav is Teddy Grahams.
…accepting only slow nipples on his bottles. anybody else try switching to fast nipples? he loved them for a while and now wants nothing to do with them. this is making bottle making so much fun as i only have 3 slow nipples.
…laughing so hard! he laughed so long and so hard the other day that he fell over!
…standing up completely on his own from a seated position. or he’ll bend over, grab a toy and stand back up. sometimes he’ll just reach over pat his legs a few times, giggle and then stand back up. tooooooo cute!
…growing like crazy! he’s almost as tall as my 16 and 19 month old daycare kids! WOW!

Going to go fold laundry while waiting for the last of my videos to finish up. HUGS TO ALL!


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2 Responses to “update and waiting”

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Glad you are feeling better!

Hey girl!! Glad you are feeling better. Props to you for being able to take care of babies under the weather, what a girl!!!!!
Aubree is doing the holding the phone to her ear to, sometimes she just puts her hand up there and goes “lo” her version of hello!! Also points and waves at everything too!!! They are so much alike. Although at this point girl doesn’t seem to have much interest in walking….oh well…..

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