baby’s first long car trip

Posted on 12 May 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

He did so good!! Saturday we headed out of town, it was SO good to get out of this house and out of this town. We picked up a TV for a friend, Papa got a new water softener for their house and some other little goodies, Daddy got The Block, I got a new shirt, the boys got new outfits, we got a new fan for big brother’s room and a light for the bottom of our stairs. We plan to go back this summer sometime for some water-slide and zoo fun. The way down baby had just a couple tears here and there and when we arrived we realized why…. he had an ucky diaper that had no smell and seriously after sitting for 3 hours I was dying to stretch my legs too. He enjoyed climbing shelves in Best Buy and wandering around the mall. He didn’t nap the trip down or while we were there, he finally gave in for about an hour on the way home, but woke up with a HORRIBLE scream. We had ran out of formula so we stopped to find something to drink for him. He drank SO much nice cold milk! He loves that when we are in the car but not at home. I often think it’s so hot it’d be nice to drink something cold but he doesn’t seem to like that. Maybe he will this summer when it’s 90 outside. After that horrible scream I couldn’t get him to completely calm down. He climbed around the truck with Papa for a while and Daddy turned the car seat around so he could see us. It worked and we made it home. Okay so I’m watching Rachael Ray right now and for some reason this channel has been doing this all the time… the sound and video are not in sync so it’s really hard watching this show. Her lips don’t match what she’s saying and she’s talking even when her lips aren’t moving – freak me out. Anyway…. for 6 hours spent in the car baby did SO awesome!!! I was a little, okay a LOT, worried that he wouldn’t do well, but he surprised me BIG TIME! But I’m pretty sure 3 hours one way is his limit….. that’s a long way for a little guy to sit and not understand what’s going on and why he can’t get up and play. I found a new treat for him at the gas station, a Nutri Grain bar – he LOVED it and it’s so nice and soft for him to bite off on his own. He’s terrible about eating everything on his own, doesn’t want anything off a spoon or fork. When you try feeding him he’ll start rubbing his eyes and act all tired and when you quit he goes right back to eating with his fingers and smiling and happy and giggly. TURD! Last night I was getting dressed after our bath time and heard someone jiggling the door knob. I opened the door and there he stood on a box playing with the door knob and knocking on the door. He smiled really big and climbed off the box and crawled into the room with me. Such a silly boy monkey I have. He just can’t be left alone ever, the other day he went into his room and was balancing on his rocking chair grabbing stuff off his shelf. I tell ya….. he’s EVERYWHERE!

My oldest got a little taste of hunting last night. Went turkey hunting. I wish I would have gotten my camera when he got home in his little camo bibs and sweatshirt and hat. DANG! I’ll make him get dressed again and snap a pic. HUGS TO ALL!!!


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2 Responses to “baby’s first long car trip”

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I always dread going on long car trips, but usually the kids tend to impress me. Thankfully, it wasn’t bad. Hope you had a great mother’s day!

Woah! Quite the change!!!

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