distinguishing feature

Posted on 16 May 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I was recognized the other day by my dimple. That’s definitely okay with me, I love my dimple. Baby inherited a dimple just like Mommy too 🙂

This weekend I have to go dress shopping. Out of my comfort zone. But it’ll be a surprise for my son. A couple years ago I wore a dress for his Spring Program for school (which, by the way, is on Tuesday). He was so excited and told me how nice I looked and has asked on numerous occasions for me to wear a dress again. He’s also made the request that I make my hair curly too. He can’t deny it, he loves his Momma 🙂 haha Or maybe he’s just embarrassed of what I normally wear….. oh shit I didn’t think of that before. lol Anyway…. I will try to surprise him this year since I’m not preggy anymore by wearing a dress to his program. It actually makes me a little teary eyed to think of surprising him so if you’ll excuse me I have some tears to wipe now.

Baby has a new little problem. He hits us in the mouth a lot. This morning we went in to wake brother up like we always do and I was playing peek-a-boo with him. Then out of nowhere he crawled back across the bed and smacked me in the mouth. And the worst part… when you tell him no no he’ll laugh. UGGG!

I also had a proud Mommy moment last night. (read: sarcasm) I was in the tub with baby and he fell. Hard. He hit his head on the drain lever thingy. Instantly he had a dent in his head that was black. By the time I got him out and myself out he had two little pea size knots on his head. I started texting my daycare Mom who’s the nurse, who was at the bar and half gone to the world, asking her if I should be packing up to head to the hospital. She told me numerous things to look for and watch for, she thought he’d be just fine. He’s all good this morning, the knots aren’t there anymore, it’s just a tiny bump that a little black and blue. 😦 Poor baby. Bad Mommy.



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Little Dude has a bump on his forehead from walking into a chair the other day, when he was trying to follow me.

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