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When I think of dreams I think of these fun dreams where I’m playing on the beach or going on an adventure or doing something fun. But when I actually have dreams they are horrible nightmares. I never have normal dreams. I’m either killing someone, being killed, being chased, trying to run but not actually moving, cheating, being cheated on, whatever it may be it’s always a struggle, it’s always bad, it’s always a nightmare. What’s that tell you about me?! I always remember my dreams too – I wake and they are so real feeling I’m usually a little freaked out. Last night I dreamed my house kept getting broken into. I always came home alone and the empty house next to us would be full of guys who were going in and out of my house stealing all my stuff. I of course thought I was superwoman in my dream and always tried to take ’em on, I always lost. Seriously… how many times can a person watch themselves die in their own dream 😦 For some reason they kept taking the steps off the front of our house – weird. Someday I’m going to have a good dream, one of those where I win lots of money or have a gigantic house in the mountains or something like that. A happy dream. Or is that it…. am I so sticking un-happy that I cannot have a happy dream? Maybe all the stress is truly getting to me and it’s causing anxiety and nightmares. Fabulous… now I’ll stress over the stress. Typical.

In other news… school is almost out! I can’t believe it! It makes my boys grow up too fast! There’s always something to make the year seem to go faster. It seems we are always looking towards the next thing coming and planning for something else sneaking up on us. Maybe I need to learn to live in the moment a little more often. But I always worry then something will sneak up and I’ll not be prepared and I’ll be way more stressed, ya know. Wait a minute…. is this all starting to tell the story of why I have nightmares, because I live my life full of stress all day every day.

I finally got to the library last night. Got me another book by Dee Henderson – I absolutely love reading her books. I thought I’d read them all but there were 3 new books there last night. They probably aren’t so new, I just haven’t been to the library for a couple years. Now I just need to find some time to read it. If I hurry and clean up now I can read a little while the kids are sleeping.

With that said… I best get to cleaning right! HUGS TO ALL!


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5 Responses to “dreams”

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Stress and anxiety always messes with my dreams, too.

I hate it when my nightmares are so vivid. I wake up wondering if it really happened. Try sleeping on your stomach, that might help.

Here’s an interpretation of a death dream:

“To dream of your own death, indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.”

RC: Oh good! I’m not crazy after all! 🙂 hehe

Tara: I would LOVE to sleep on my stomach! I can’t 😦 Oh wow… I must REALLY be trying to escape then! That’s kind of freaky. I love dream interpretations. I have a book or two around here of them, I should find them. Although I’d be looking up death day after day.

I have lots of nightmares myself. I even wake up bawling from time to time! Talk about strange!!!

Hey girl!! Good to hear you all are doing so well..

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