1 is coming too soon

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Baby isn’t supposed to be almost 1 already. It’s just not fair. I need more time for him to be my baby. This past year flew. Which isn’t all that shocking since every day flies by with babies. I think we’ve all had the days where we are wondering how it could be possible that it’s time to start a new day again. We hadn’t finished sleeping, we hadn’t finished cleaning and playing. Oh well, it’s coming whether I like it or not. I must start birthday planning though. I can’t decide what I want. Do I want fun cute little decor so pictures are that much cuter or do I want to go as cheap as possible (although it’s looking like it’s not going to be much cheaper) and just do solid plain colored plates and let all his cuteness take charge, not that it wouldn’t anyway. I’m shopping online right now trying to decide what would be a good 1st birthday present. Maybe this would be the reason I’ve been looking for to get a really cool wagon that has the belts in it and everything. Baby loves riding around in anything in the house and I think he’d enjoy a wagon outside. I just worry he wouldn’t stay seated and would fall out, which is why the wagons with belts are really cool. I’ll have to think. Maybe I should buy him a fence for the yard for his birthday! haha I’d get something too then 🙂

We had 9 people here today! WOAH! This house is NOT big enough for 9 people. My nerves aren’t either – I am wore thin and haven’t had a second to even pee yet. Pathetic. The one time I tried to go I had 4 kids following me with requests and wanting to come in with me. No privacy here.

We are always so bored around here, even though there are tons of things to do around the house, but this weekend we’ll finally have stuff to do for the kids. The fire department here has their little breakfast thing and the kids get rides on the trucks and up in the bucket. I hope baby will ride on the truck with us. Pictures please! 🙂 Too cute! I should bring his little fireman’s hat – I’m going to do that. We also have Ronald McDonald coming to visit. That’ll more than likely scare everybody. Me and clowns…. they just freak me out and he’s pretty damn close to a clown. There is also a big baby garage sale coming to a local church. I would love to be the first one in the door, which means I’ll have to have the kids up and ready so we can go early! They are supposed to have baby clothes, furniture, toys, you name it. I’m also planning my own garage sale, I have a huge pile of stuff in my basement almost ready and waiting. I need stickers on everything still and I also need to figure out where I’m having it. I hate the thought of my yard being trampled, but I think I hate even more thinking of people being in my garage. Yes I’m that pathetic. My baby is parked in there, I don’t want any little grubby hands touching it. I’ll figure that out later. Looks like our weekend are going to be busy all month. We have all that this weekend and next and then we’ll have to do garage sale and before I know it, Zia and my brother will be home!!!!!!!!!! Definitely need more weekends!


Isn’t that picture FREAKY!! Reminds me of those Halloween teeth.

I now have window boxes to put flowers in! Thanks Papa!!! Now I just need the time to go buy flowers and plant them. This weekend we have MORE going on I totally forgot about! It’s baby’s FIRST HAIRCUT!!! I’m going to miss that hair. That really really really loooooong hair 🙂 Those cute little curls. I decided he could have one haircut to really give him that big boy look when he started walking. Well he’s been walking for quite some time and I still haven’t let him get his hair cut so now’s the time to try it. Could be interesting and who knows it may not even happen because he won’t want to sit still. We shall see and I’ll have pictures next week.

Here’s a picture that shows his hair


I had something on my mind for this next paragraph, but for the life of me I cannot think of what it was. Oh well. Guess this is all you get today. HUGS TO ALL!!

Guess what I just did…. Ordered a wagon for his birthday! We also got him a Learning Chair. Now to decide what to get for plates and stuff. I’m getting there.


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2 Responses to “1 is coming too soon”

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We so need to get a wagon, but the Hubby is picky about which one he wants…

I focused on trucks and cars for Little Dude’s birthday, if you are looking for ideas. I used the miniature Tonka vehicles on his cake, which I decorated to look like grass, with a road going through.

Yes, it goes way too quickly…

I can’t believe he is getting his first haircut already!! Aubree hardly has any hair, and its SO blond it looks like less. Hers is curly though and sticks straight up sometimes, to cute!! I can’t believe they are almost 1 either! The past year flew!

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