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I’ve spent countless hours for many days worrying that baby isn’t eating enough. He rarely eats anything for breakfast, I can’t say never because we are sharing Lucky Charms right now. I’ve tried numerous things for breakfast, cereal, eggs (he usually loves eggs), breakfast bars, regular baby food, pears, oatmeal, and probably some others but I can’t think of everything right now. I always give him a sippy cup because he hasn’t wanted much to do with that until just the last week or so. This past week he’s packed it everywhere with him. I was beginning to think he was going to be super hard to break from the bottle, but the sippy cup is coming around so I hope he’ll be better. I’ve slowly been trying to rid us of the morning bottle. He’s so hungry he just drinks and drinks and drinks. Formula is expensive and I’m broke! Especially after losing a kid from daycare who went to spend the summer with his Dad. I have a bad habit of comparing baby to a little girl I babysit. She did SO good with all foods and was done with the bottle overnight just like that. For a while it seemed like he wanted nothing but pureed foods that he didn’t have to chew. So now I’m all worried he’s a horrible chewer and can’t handle many foods. After this week with the sippy cup we are doing better. For a while there he couldn’t handle that much liquid coming out. It was just new to him I guess, it took so long for him to take to a cup I think he was in shock for a while. Lunch he doesn’t usually want either, but I’m working on that 1:30 and 3:00 bottle too, so I can sometimes get him to eat later. The 3 we may end up keeping for a while because that’s our nap bottle usually. He’s just thirsty at 1:30 so I push the sippy cup on him everyday so he realizes hey I can quench my thirst with something besides my bottle. Supper usually is a good meal for him (lately anyway) which has been good because I think it’s helping him sleep better through the night.

What are your babies eating? Drinking? I think I’m getting through this just fine. If he’s really starving he’ll let me know obviously and he’ll eat or drink his bottle. I don’t think I’m doing too bad a job figuring this out. He’s tricky that’s for sure 🙂


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7 Responses to “baby’s eating”

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You are doing much better than I am. My little guy still eats primarily pureed foods and formula. Lately he’s been fussing through breakfast though… I really think he just wants his bottle. Here’s his routine: Breakfast- Cereal and fruit followed by 3 oz bottle. Snack at 9 a.m. is a 6 oz bottle. Lunch at 12:00p.m. is pureed meat, vegetables, fruit and 3 oz bottle. Snack at 3:00 p.m. is a 6 oz bottle. Dinner at 6:00 p.m. is pureed meat, vegetables and fruit. He thinks his sippy cup is a toy and pounds it on things to make noise. The only solid food he has had thus far is cheese, diced apples, noodles, bread and puffs. He is getting a little bit better at chewing his food. Yesterday was the first day for little cheese pieces and about his third day for diced apples. He did very well. He used to gag on everything so I think we are on our way to big boy food! Bedtime is 7:00 p.m. and yes I feed him a bottle before bed. Everyone says that’s a no-no, but hey, I don’t care. It get’s him nice and relaxed and sleepy, so it’s easy for me to put him to bed. By the way, my little guy is 30 inches long and 23 pounds… similar to your boy?

Kristine: Yeah we have a hard time with the morning bottle at about 9, the bottle at about 3 and the night time bottle. I’m really working on all the rest because those I know he’s wanting just to get a drink. We’ll get there. You too 🙂

Baby still gags on lots of stuff like he can’t handle it, but we keep trying. I’ve recently learned he LOVES eggs but still won’t eat them for breakfast. He used to love pasta but is going through a time right now where he hasn’t so much wanted it. Maybe your little guy would like little pasta’s. Buy those Acini de Pepe – awesome for these little guys.

Well I don’t say that bottle is a no-no. Not yet anyway. 🙂 I wondered if I was rushing him.

I just weighed him a couple days ago and he was 19 something. Pretty close to 20 I think. I don’t know how tall he is.

Also usually if we are going to get him to eat supper is MUST be done so around 5, 5:30. If we get too late past that he’s crabby and tired and just wants a bath and bottle. If we don’t get supper in him then bottles start at like 7 and he may drink 3 of them!!! No chance of bed here until at least 9 😦 It’s anywhere between 9 and 10.

You made me hungry for Lucky Charms. Dang it! 😉

Tara: I could eat cereal for every meal of the day! 🙂

Little Dude, who is almost 17-months-old, still has two bottles a day. One in the morning and one at night. But we also have to keep the formula going until 18 months, at least, due to his dairy-protein allergy.

Otherwise, he drinks from straws and sippy cups…

Every so often, he decides he doesn’t like solids and I end up pulling out baby food.

You little guy is still under a year, so pureed is not a bad thing… Just keep introducing solids, too.

Good luck!

Sounds like you are doing well & he is just taking his time. 🙂

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