new haircut and experimental shampoo

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Not only do I now have a new haircut, I’ve acquired a whole new hair texture after experimenting with homemade shampoo. This did not start out as a good experiment. I really thought it was failure for the first week. I stuck with it after all the reading I did and a “you’re hair may be oily for the first week or two” tip from Struggle and Emerge‘s reading she did.

Experiment 1: My hair seemed super dry and damaged when I first decided to try this, (note to self… you DO NOT have dry hair-DUH) I learned very quickly, within about 2 days, that my hair is not dry and damaged and in fact may be more on the oily side, with the new shampoo anyway. I have not had oily problems before. My first recipe was castile soap, aloe, glycerin and vegetable oil. This was a recipe for dry damaged hair, something I learned I didn’t have. My hair was SO oily – EEEW it was gross. On to next experiment…..

Experiment 2: After learning I did not have dry damaged hair and that first try produced some oily nasty mess, I tried the normal shampoo. Water, castile soap and vegetable oil. Still pretty oily results. I had decided it was the vegetable oil maybe, but decided to go to the herbal shampoo instead. That way there was no vegetable oil, no glycerin, no aloe.

Experiment 3: Herbal shampoo: herbs, water and castile soap. I decided to stick with this one for an extended period of time, as I’d given up on the others within the first couple days, decided they were far too oily feeling for my hair. The herbal shampoo was much different and the same in some ways. All shampoo’s left my hair squeaky clean. When I say squeaky clean I MEAN squeaky clean. It was horrible! You couldn’t run your fingers through it at all. Now when you’re used to shampoo and conditioner leaving your hair silky smooth and you can run your fingers through it, a little moment of shock sets in and you’re left thinking you’ve destroyed your hair as you pull your fingers through the mess along with handfuls of hair. As if I didn’t lose enough hair already after being pregnant! This shampoo also didn’t leave my hair feeling quite as oily as the first two, but still more oily than I’ve ever seen for my hair. The weird part was, my hair felt oily to me, but didn’t look oily or lay like oily hair would normally. My hair had body and felt WAY thicker than it usually does. It was also only oily feeling at the scalp. This was all done while my hair was long. Then ends were still horrible, I already talked about how my hair is long. I got my new haircut last night and it’s SO much better. I’m just not meant to have long hair anymore. Such is life.

In addition to the shampoo I used an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair which produced amazing results! My hair was much softer and I was able to run my fingers through it a bit more. It also seemed a little less oily after that.

Here’s my new haircut. Not the greatest picture, we had gone to a few garage sales this morning and I took it when we got back and it was windy here as usual. You get the idea though. You like? (It looks so flat in this picture to me)


So after a new haircut and using the shampoo together there was a major difference. My hair feels different today, but that could be due in part to shorter hair, freshly cut, no more yucky ends holding it down. My hair is definitely nothing like it used to be. I had this super fine, limp, straight hair that was lovely to run my fingers through. I can still run my fingers through my hair, especially now that it’s shorter, but it feels nothing like my old hair. It’s thicker and stiffer. I also didn’t have to use the vinegar rinse at all this morning. My hair didn’t feel quite so squeaky. It still has a different “oily” feel to it, we’ll see what happens when it gets super hot here. If it seems to oily then, I’ll have to switch back or do something different. I hope it continues working because all in all I’ve enjoyed the experience and I’m liking the savings.


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2 Responses to “new haircut and experimental shampoo”

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That is a cute hairdo and photo!

Someone else mentioned they use the apple cider vinegar on their hair. I also heard that rinsing your hair with beer will add shine. I don’t want my hair to smell like beer, though. Plus, I’d rather drink the beer instead of use it as a hair product.

Cute hair!

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