what you’ll never experience with your girls

Posted on 9 June 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Sunday morning baby and I were up playing, he’d eaten almost an entire pear for breakfast and drank some milk from his sippy cup. I read him a story while he ate. It was a rhyming book and when we got to the bird page he got so excited, started waving his arms all about and repeatedly saying his version of bird. Which sounds like bir. He loves chasing the birds outside and watching them in the tree or on the feeder. Anyway…. after such a lovely morning for breakfast time, we went to play and after watching him play so good by himself I decided I could sneak into the shower. He played in and out of the bathroom, every once in a while sneaking a peak into the shower to say hi and throw in a random toy or bottle. I hurried to finish so he could join me and shower himself. He got in and played in the water and held my toothbrush while watching it spin. We got out and I wrapped him up and told him to sit nice while Mommy dried off, that little turd curled up in his towl and layed on the bath mat to wait for me! I couldn’t believe it. I tried to sneak out and get the camera but as soon as he saw I was done and ready to walk out he was up and ready to follow. And then he turns all boy on me….. We went into his bedroom to get a diaper, lotion and clothes. He grabbed the diaper and handed it to me. I was opening it up, getting it all ready when I see him grab his junk and starts peeing and waving it EVERYWHERE!! OMG!! Every time I’d think he was done he’d start again! So with the towel on the floor he just finished peeing there. Why is it at times like this it seems like they could pee forever?! But it was the cutest thing ever watching him actually hold his junk and pee like a big boy. Too bad we wouldn’t have still been in the bathroom, I could have let him pee in the toilet! haha He smiled the entire time he was peeing.


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3 Responses to “what you’ll never experience with your girls”

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Aww, I can picture him curling up on the towel. Too cute!

Not as cute when he peed on your floor, but funny that he handed you the diaper and then did his own thing. Like “Here’s my diaper, I won’t be needing it.”

This is one thing my Little Dude won’t do, as his daddy still hasn’t let him into the bathroom when he has used it…

That is soooo funny! 🙂 My boy hasn’t done anything like that…… yet! 🙂

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