a day of learning

Posted on 10 June 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Yesterday was a great day for learning for baby. I think it was even better for Mommy and Daddy watching him do the things he was doing. First I babysit a little guy who’s 21 months old and he learned to play dead the other day from his older siblings a couple weeks ago. Just yesterday baby learned to play dead. It’s so funny. He only likes to play it when he’s sitting down and if you say “boom boom” NOT “bang bang” for whatever reason. He’ll lean over put his hands on the floor, lay his head on his shoulder and his eyes will still be open and he’ll be smiling like crazy. It’s SO funny! When he’s in his high chair playing, he stretch his arms out across the high chair and lay over on it.

Then we were trying to eat supper last night and first baby wanted into his highchair, even though I’d already fed him because he has to eat early or he’s crabby as crabby can be and won’t eat, so I put him in and he kept wanting out. So I put him down and then he wanted up, wanted me to hold him, wanted Daddy to hold him, wanted up to our level but didn’t want to be in the chair. Daddy was thinking of ways to keep him entertained and told him to go get a ball. Baby toddled out to the living room to the toy box, dug around a bit, set some toys aside and grabbed the ball and brought it back to Daddy. It was awesome! He DOES know exactly what we’re talking about, he just chooses to listen to us when it’s fun time and not listen when he’s in trouble. haha

Soon after came laundry time. Baby loves laundry time. If I bring the clothes up in a basket he crawls into the basket and lays in there with the clothes. If I throw them on the floor he lays on the floor with them. Nice fresh clean laundry, mmm yummy smelling, pure freshness. So he handed us clothes and we folded and Daddy hid under the clothes and baby picked them off to find him. Too cute. After folding I gave baby his socks and he went into his room with Daddy and put them away, or actually threw them into his drawer where they go. Then came back out for more, I handed him a shirt and told him to go put it away. That little turd walked into his room all by himself, opened his second drawer where his shirts go and put that shirt right with all the rest! I was so proud of him!!! Yesterday was an awesome learning day!! Good job baby!! We love you!!

Whole new subject… the garage sale will be this weekend. What a busy time. I’ve been cleaning the garage and basement looking for stuff while the babies sleep during the day. I’m making a good dent in everything, put I still need to price that stuff I just found yesterday. I had this crazy idea to let my oldest do a little bake sale along side the garage sale that day. He would LOVE to make his own money and he’d love to be in charge of it all himself. I need to get a few things together so I can make his stuff the day before and have it all ready for him. As if I didn’t have enough to do. It’ll be all good and it’ll be super cute. As for now… I’m off to read to the kiddies for a bit. Baby needs reading for the reading program as do I and the other kiddies will just love to hear a story. HUGS TO ALL!!

UPDATE: I forgot to add as part of what baby does… he like to be the one to throw his diaper away too. We’ll change him and he’ll pick his diaper up and walk to the cupboard door and wait for us to open the door (baby lock) and let him throw the diaper in. Sometimes he likes to look in the garbage after to see it, point at it and yell something.


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Little Dude likes to “help,” too. I’ve been working with him on taking things into his bedroom, or carrying them from room to room as needed.

Wowsa, he sure has alway been ahead of his age hey??

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