new words and funny boys

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Gramma bought baby some Peek-A-Boo books, which we think should be called Peek-A-Books (crap maybe I shouldn’t have told that idea!), that he loves to look through and open the flaps to see what’s underneath. Last night we sat in the chair for almost a half hour looking at these 4 books. One book is about numbers and the second page has 2 cats under the flap, I say kitty when we see them because it’s cuter than cat :-). This was baby’s favorite page last night so we kept going back to it and I’d repeat 2 kitty’s 50 gazillion times until he said it himself!! Took us by surprise, Daddy was on the couch and we were both saying to each other “I think he just said kitty!” He also started saying two and was saying it this morning when he found his books again. He sat down with the books and started looking for the kitty page. Too cute! Too bad the kitty’s weren’t on the first page so it would have been 1 kitty. Then I could have maybe taught him ONE by his birthday! That would have been super cool. We are still working on holding up one finger so he can show us he’s one. I have a picture of big brother eating his cake and holding up one finger to show us he was one.

Kids are so funny. My 21 month old was sitting on the floor wanting a truck my baby was playing with. So he’s sitting there with his hand held out saying eh, eh, eh, you know the noise right? Well anyway, baby walks by him with the truck he’s wanting, stops, looks at him, reaches out slaps his hand (giving him a 5) and keeps walking!!!! I was laughing SO hard! My 21 month old looked quite shocked. hahaha This is the same little boy who spends the day taking toys away from everybody so for someone to keep a toy and NOT let him just take it away from them was good learning for him.

I’m working on baby’s first birthday invitations. I was wanting to save money, but seriously the $3.50 I would have spent would probably have been worth it and actually not really a waste of money. After paper and ink for trial prints and final prints and my time, I think I’ll have WAY WAY more into it. Oh well, they are more fun this way.

I’m off to empty the dishwasher (NOT my chore – grrrr), take out the trash (NOT my chore again), finish baking the cookies from the dough I had to refrigerate over night, make some fruity pebble bars, scrub the kitchen floor again (aaaah kids, i love em), put babies down for nap, work on invites and pack garage sale stuff out to car. Okay, that’s my to do list as of right now for right now. I’ll see what I can get done and hopefully more. HUGS TO ALL!!


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5 Responses to “new words and funny boys”

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OH my gosh, your little one is almost a YEAR already? And saying words? Where did that time go?

motherofbun: i know 😦 kids really make time fly as if it’s not going fast enough already.

Just an idea for your next birthday party, if you are interested. I uploaded a picture to one of the stock card designs you can find at Snapfish, Shutterfly, Walmart Photo, etc., and then put the info on the party in the area where you can enter text. Everyone gets a current picture, plus they make for great personalized invites (and fairly inexpensive, too!).

RC: We did Walmart for our Christmas cards – they were great! I wasn’t even thinking along those lines this time. I’ll still check them out because I’ve still been playing around here with my own. They might have something I’ll really like.

That’s not good!!! You need to up your fruits and veggies missy!! Is it high fiber cereal?? HUH!!!??? lol!

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