dressing vs. stuffing

Posted on 16 June 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

What do you call it? I know, weird time of year to think about stuffing, or dressing if you call it that, but I eat this stuff all the time. The kids love it too. So leave me a comment and tell me what you call it.


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13 Responses to “dressing vs. stuffing”

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Well, I live in Maine. We call what we stuff the bird with stuffing, and dressing is what we put on salads.

Stuffing. Dressing is the stuff that goes on salads.

So far everybody, all 2 of you 🙂 , is with me. Wow…. this is a real change from what I’m used to. Like how to pronounce gums (where your teeth sit), console (the thingy between the seats in the car) and who knows what else.

California girl here. I call it stuffing too. Hmm, maybe my little guy would like to try some? Great idea! He had mashed potatoes the other day. Hated them at first, but I think he’s starting to come around.

Kristine: Do! Try it! I bet he’ll love it! Baby’s been eating it here for months. Mashed potatoes he hasn’t been too sure of, although I tried the baby ones with veggies in them and he liked those. Maybe I just don’t make good potatoes 🙂 haha

Stuffing. My grandma used to put oysters in hers…so weird.

We call it stuffing….Yum, now ya got me thinking about it!

TIM: Oysters in stuffing does sound weird.

Tara: Mmm Mmm Mmm go eat some!

I call it ‘disgusting’!

SC: hahahaha I busted out laughing when I read that!

Stuffing. My favorite is Stove Top, affectionately known by my brother-in-law as White Trailor Trash Stuffing. But it rocks.

Oh, I have a cool blue and musty green beaded bag coming…..

Zaza’s Mama.

Isn’t “dressing” what you put on a head wound?

rixgal: Ooooh I can’t wait to see it! I’m loving all the bags, can’t wait to find one for myself. I’m glad TIM reminds us of new bags.

And Stove Top, that’s what we live on! 🙂 haha Yes, that would be “dressing”. It was my 5 year old daycare boy that started this conversation.

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