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Help! I need ideas! What do you cook for lunch for your kids? I get so sick of the same thing day after day. I have my 5 year old who could eat spaghetti with ONLY butter every day for every meal. He has to eat some with sauce when he’s home so here he gets spoiled by getting to eat it with butter only and wants it everyday. The little kids could eat mac and cheese for every meal. Must find new CHEAP ideas for them. Send me your ideas please and thank you 🙂


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5 Responses to “kids lunch ideas”

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Large batch of beef stew – leftovers are wonderful, and Little dude will eat anything that involves gravy…

If I didn’t have the child with the milk-protein allergy:
Grilled Cheese (can sneak some veggies in these, if you dice/peel them into incredibly small pieces)
Tomato Soup (let each child decorate with various cheeses and oyster crackers)
Veggies and dip, with crackers and cheese on the side
Breakfast for lunch – scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles
The not-so-healthy chicken nuggets. Tyson has Dino-nuggets, which you can buy in bulk, so the price isn’t too horrible.
Mini pizzas – the kids help with these. You basically take biscuit dough, and have each child decorate each biscuit with sauce, cheese and the toppings of their choosing. My mom used to make these, and we would eat pans of them! Fairly economical.

Hope that helps!

Thanks RC! Every idea helps! I could eat grilled cheese every day myself 🙂 PB&J, works for the bigger kids, so far the little ones (under 2) haven’t like peanut butter, I’m guessing they don’t like it sticking to their mouths or they just don’t like it, don’t know. Weird I could have 3 kids who don’t like peanut butter. Something else I could eat everyday 🙂 hehe I’ve tried breakfast but my 5 year old pitches a big old fit wondering why I’m making breakfast for lunch. Works for the little kids though. Chicken nuggest we’ve done, but they are pretty spendy here for me. I can’t buy in bulk at our little store. Mini-pizzas we do often. We make them on English muffins, love them and yes the kids have a blast making those.

We have a lot of scrambled eggs and a lot of grilled cheese.

Quesadillas are a good choice too. With just cheese or with filling.

Make a batch of veggie soup with those alphabet noodles and you can freeze smaller servings.

Pita pockets with hummous?

Pita pizza

Pizza wraps

taco salads

fish sticks (a healthy kind)

you can get them to use cookie cutters and make shapes with tortillas and bake them until they’re crisp and serve with some hummous and guacamole. Veggies could dip well in those too.

You could make pizza pockets, bake and freeze for a quick economical lunch.

Why don’t I do all these things!!!???

TIM: You have me craving guacamole now BIG time! AND taco salad! Maybe I’ll have to make taco’s one night this week so I can make taco salad the next day with leftovers. Yummy! Thanks for the ideas. I need to start a list of kid friendly foods so I don’t have to think so much at lunch time, I just pick something off the list.

It is bad enough making lunch for one toddler & myself. I can only imagine what a pain it is when you have a daycare. Nothing is coming to mind, fortunately there are a lot of good suggestions on here. 🙂

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