a first for each of my boys

Posted on 24 June 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Baby had his first Popsicle – a yummy red one which left his hands, belly, face and feet stained red.

Gotta get every last bite.

Big Brother got his first bow

Not exactly a first, actually a last

It’s all milk for this kid now. Actually it’s hard to get him to drink milk. He’ll only take it warm in his bottle still. Don’t know how we’re going to get rid of that damn thing. One thing at a time I guess. Don’t even dare try putting milk into his sippy cup. He hates milk. Great.

Baby has been super crabby lately and he went from sleeping through the night in his crib to screaming through the night and sleeping with me in bed. What is going on here! Besides, as Gramma says, he’s exactly like his Mommy. I keep expecting a tooth to pop through, haven’t seen anything yet. He’s been grabbing his ears a lot so we went to see the nurse yesterday for a quick look. He has wax in there, but they didn’t look infected or anything. Hopefully this passes soon, it’s so frustrating dealing with a fussy butt all day and all night.

So I set out to get my bathtub caulked today. I was going to take it on by myself, but I was a total idiot from the beginning and had to send for help. DAD!!!!! hehe 🙂 Yes, my Dad came to my rescue, he loves me. I cut the top off the caulk and then tried shoving the little pin thing down in there to break the seal. I had no luck with that and then realized I had to unscrew that cap I’d just cut and cut another part off inside. I still couldn’t get anything out. I was squeezing with all I had, just waiting for it to pop out and squirt everywhere. Luck was on my side this time….. that did NOT happen 🙂 Thank goodness! That’s when I sent for help. I just hadn’t broke that seal in there enough. So then I gave it a try, I got in on and it looked pretty good, but I hadn’t gotten enough on so Dad took over and helped me out! Hooray! It’s all pretty now and fixed.

We’re off for some lunch now, but then I’m going to hang the smoke alarm. That shouldn’t be too hard. Drill a couple holes, screw in some screws, twist it on. Yep, I’ll be good to go.

I’m just going to turn into a regular little miss fix it around here. I’ll probably have to hire my Dad as my assistant 🙂 I’m usually calling for help. lol

Sorry for the center aligned post – SO annoying! I keep trying to get my pics centered and my text left aligned and it’s not working. It’s aligning ALL my text at the left and I want the text by the pics to stay centered. Oh well, whatever. I guess I’ll deal today because I don’t have any more time to worry about it.



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Little Dude isn’t a fan of popsicles, but I’m glad your little one enjoys them!

Just highlight only the text and set it back to regular baby.

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